Why Common Sense Is Not So Common Inside MLM

Tue, Feb 8, 2011

Network Marketing

Inside the Network Marketing/MLM industry we have more millionaires than any other industry.

But even with this fact there is a big asterisk next to it because the industry has a failure rate of over 95%. With such a high number why do millions of people each year get involved in Network Marketing? Simply put most confuse the industry with a get rich quick scheme. They dupe themselves into thinking that magically $100K will appear in their bank account because they only have to speak to 2 people. This is why common sense is not so common inside MLM. People are so excited about the opportunity that they lose sight of what really matters. And what matters is what YOU put into your business.

To put all your eggs in one basket thinking that the first 2 people that you enroll are going to roll up their sleeves and go to work like you makes zero sense. Just because people have paid their money and swear up and down that they will work their way to the top level of the company means absolutely nothing. They must produce and get results in order for any of their words to have weight. This industry is simple but not easy. And people complicate it because they don’t use their common sense.

You Heard Right

Yes, the rumors are true Network marketing is very hard work. This is another reason why common sense is not so common inside MLM. People can be so passive with the Network Marketing industry and forget the word “WORK” inside of Network Marketing. I recently heard an interview with Mark Yarnell and he explained that in order to make $100K in a year you need to consistently speak to 30+ people a day 5 days a week. When you started did you know in order to reach your goals you would need to present your opportunity to 150 people each week? Only 30% will even look at your opportunity. Is it worth it to you to hear the word “No” over and over again until you hear a “Yes.” That’s why you have to decide early on that you’re going to make the Law of Large Numbers work in your favor.  People don’t see results because in large part they don’t work on the numbers.

Taking Direction From Yourself

Most people who get involved in Network Marketing have never owned a business before and have no idea of what is required to run a business successfully. To clear up the confusion all you need to do is take massive action. How you take massive action is by implementing the Slight Edge Philosophy by Jeff Olson. This book can radically change your life if applied. The basics of the book explain that every successful person has one thing in common and that they took daily action steps consistently until they reached success. So what that means for you is that if you work on your business each day even if it’s only 2 hours a day then you will reach your ultimate goals in life. This Slight Edge Approach is not just for business but all aspects of life. Every decision either has you moving toward success or toward failure. And if you are conscious of that you will make better decisions.

Common sense is not so common because people try to reinvent the wheel and work harder at devising a plan versus actually doing it. Use straight forward thinking when working your MLM business. It’s not only important that you keep things simple for yourself but also for your team. It will take time to grow your business and will require a lot of hard work to learn your craft.

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  1. Ryan Martin Says:


    You make a lot of good points in this post. It is hard work and almost everyone that is new to this industry has wrong expectations. I think you made a good point that a lot of people confuse network marketing with a get rich quick scheme.


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