What Running A 5K Taught Me About Running A Successful Business

Tue, Mar 1, 2011

Personal Development

This past weekend I ran a 5K and boy was it a tough one.

When I was younger I use to run 5Ks all the time. I would get little awards and show them off to my parents. But flash forward, this was the first time that I had ran a race as an adult. Luckily I had the support of a good friend who encouraged me every step of the way. After what seemed like forever of huffing and puffing my way toward the finish line, I finally crossed it and crossed this goal off my list of accomplishments for the year.

You’re Doing What!

I did pretty well but almost got cold feet at the start line. I had to battle this inner dialogue saying what are you doing here. I began to question did I train hard enough. What if I clasps in front of 11, 000 people? What if I have a heart attack? The “what if” questions were flying through my head. I had to dig really deep to quite that inner noise. I had to just focus on the run. I wasn’t running for time but for personal accomplishment. So I had to remind myself of that to take the pressure off.

This whole experience was a great one especially because I see how it relates to running a successful business. Here are my 3 insights

1. Its OK To Go Slow

The one thing I knew about running from my formative days is that I had to lock in a pace. Because I didn’t want to tire myself out I started at a slow pace just right for me. This is the same for business you must take your time building your business at a slow and steady pace. So many people want that quantum leap approach to success in their business but true success is built on simple and small daily action steps. Not everyone is willing to do the small things and those who do will always win.

2. Don’t Get Distracted By Other Peoples Success

Running with 11,000 people made it very hard not to get distracted with what everyone was doing. Some people raced passed me some people where running with me. But because I had to push myself to that finish line, I knew that could only worry about my own lane. You see there will be plenty and I mean plenty of people passing you on the way to the top of success mountain but none of that matters. What matters is your journey and if you stop and watch what everyone else is doing, that “onlooker-delay” will throw you off course. Stay focused toward success.

3. Sprint Towards The Finish Line

Once I saw the finish line I started to sprint for the last stretch. My legs were killing me but I push throw the pain and made it over. I was so excited to be done with it. I felt really great that I actually did it. If you have been building your business for a while and you feel like the finish line is nowhere in sight, I’m here to tell you it closer than you think. So many people quit right before they become successful and it’s a shame because if they would have just ran a little bit further they would have seen the finish line. You must finish strong in your journey to success.

In modern times building a business is not hard but so many people try to make incredibly difficult by throwing away basic business success strategies. Simply put you must do the work.

Running a successful business is all about taking daily consistent action. Running the 5K this past weekend got me to understand that building a business can be painful. A whole lot of ups and downs, bumps and burses but if I stay focused on my goals and keep my eyes toward the finish line then success is always guaranteed.  Hard work always WINS!

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3 Responses to “What Running A 5K Taught Me About Running A Successful Business”

  1. Nicky Says:

    Loved this – I’ve run 5Ks too and you’re right, its all about persistent and consistent action. Great post Yvar


  2. Tammy Says:

    Great post Yvar. So many people are running nowhere fast as my mom would say. You gave 3 great key points for any walk of life: business and personal. Keep the great motivational post coming!


  3. Marlon Acosta Says:

    Great Post! I enjoy running 5k’s and just running in general. It is such a great outlet. I love how you compared it to running your business. You definitely have to stay focus on your lane and not on what some one else is doing unless it can help you. You definitly do not want to end up being a spectator.


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