The Power Of Scripts: Let The Words Be Your Guide

Sun, Oct 10, 2010

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Ask any Veteran in the Network Marketing industry and they will tell you they started their business using scripts. A script is a pre-written conversation template for calling your leads. Almost every Network Marketing Guru has their own scripts which makes your job that much easier. Instead of spending hours on testing the script you can just dive in.

Most scripts out there encourage you to be yourself while using someone else’s words. Sounds funny but this is exactly how all the big-wigs got started. While using a script you need to be yourself at all times people can sense a fake a mile away even on the phone. So it makes sense to inject your personality into the script. This is the only way each conversation will sound natural because it is.

Here are some keys points to remember when using a script

The Script Is A Guide
Just like map is guides you on the road toward your destination so does a script when speaking to a lead. Because you are the one asking the questions you are in control of what direction the conversations goes. A good script prepares you for objections or questions that may come up. This puts you in a good position because you are prepared for bumps in the road.

Don’t Deviate From The Script
Because of your personality its so easy to add your own words to a script and that is the biggest No, No! Its also easy to let your prospect go off on a tangent about last years vacation. This is why its so important to follow the script. The script will show you how to get back on track if you get off the road. When you add your own words your adding your ego to the conversation and your lead can sense it. Getting creative with the script can cut you out of a sale. Sticking to the script will always give you better results.

Learn It Inside and Out
The ole cliché that says practice makes perfect is true in this case. When using scripts you need to practice before you get on the phone and practice doing actual calls. Practicing in front of a friend or spouse will help you get familiar with the flow of the script. Remember that it should sound natural. When you call an actual lead you will have a better comfort level because you practiced the script before hand. Also note that its going to take you awhile to get truly comfortable talking to people. So the more you can keep at it the better you will be. By that time you will know the script inside and out.

Don’t Over Analyze It
In this industry too much practice can have a negative effect on you especially if you are trying to be perfect. Trying to get your words just right can lead to paralysis of just getting started. Fall into this pit and what will follow is anxiety and frustration. The sooner you get it in your head that you will never do it perfect the sooner you will see more people relate to you and want to do business with you which means more money in your pocket.

No matter the script you use you must remember that its not about you its about them, your lead. The more you get them talking, the more you can use their words to close them.

Scripts are a great tool for any Network Marketer who wants to build duplication in their downline. Some of the top income earners will tell you that they continue to use scripts to grow their business. Understanding the power of scripts can be the key to the growth of your bank account. There is no need to reinvent the wheel. Use a powerful script and see your business explode.

Two of the most powerful scripts I have come across are from Dani Johnson and Todd Falcone. Visit their site for live prospecting calls and details on how to use scripts.

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