The 4 Most Under Used Network Marketing Mentors

If you are like me you probably have a ton of virtual mentors.

These are the people you look up to or follow online but have never met yet! You follow their online trainings and you feel as if you know them even though they have no idea of who you are. That’s the power of the web. And when you finally do meet them in person, you feel as if you have a close relationship with them.

For many Network Marketers their primary virtual mentor is their upline. Most people connect online and work together in different states and even different countries. The New Network Marketer looks for guidance and support from their upline and that is to be expected. Your upline should be showing you what steps you should be taking to grow your business. Also to be expected is the fact that your upline will not always be there for you to answer every last question. Because of that reason alone you need to make sure you are using the 4 Biggest Network Marketing Mentors.

1. Google

You Google everything else why not information for your Network Marketing business. If you are having a problem with an area chances are others had the same problem and posted the solution in a blog post or an article or on a website. When you use Google search engine the world is at your finger tips and all you need to do is type in what it is your looking for. This is probably where you should look first for all your answers. There are so many other search options but if its out there its on Google. So when in doubt Google It.

2. Youtube

Watching a squirrel look funny at the camera is cool during your down time but for business YouTube can be an invaluable asset. This is especially true if you are an online marketer. There is a lot of “how-to” stuff you must do for your business. And when you can watch a video and open a separate  window and do the same task click by click it equals awesome. If you are like me you’ll do a little “I Did It Dance” and feel like a Ninja Marketer.

3. Facebook

When you can visit the 3rd largest country in the world, where your friends and family are, and get the latest information on what’s hot and interesting it can be explosive for your business. Its like your very own TMZ online. If you are plugged in to top leaders in Network Marketing you have access to their fresh new content, trainings, and strategies. That puts you on the cutting edge of the industry of what’s working right now.

4. Your Local Library

Do not sleep on this last mentor because it’s the most under used. When was the last time you went to the library? Most Network Marketers forget that all those books that the top leaders recommend can’t be downloaded. You have to buy them or check them out at your local library. The Library holds all the Network Marketing classics as well as today’s best sellers. Stop dropping your kids at the Library, its time go in with them.

Now you probably know all about these 4 Big Mentors but are you using them daily for your business? You love the word FREE so why not get your pressing questions answered by these “Big-Wigs.” Checking out these resources first not only shows you how to solve your questions quicker but it is a clear sign that you are stepping into leadership because leaders don’t wait for others for answers. Having these 4 Big Mentors to your arsenal of resources does not mean you can never ask your upline any questions. But when you do go to your upline the questions are more targeted about taking your business to the next level.  Take initiative in your Network Marketing business and pass these 4 Master Mentors to your downline.

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4 Responses to “The 4 Most Under Used Network Marketing Mentors”

  1. Stevi Sullivan Says:

    Yvar! Great post I absolutely loved this. I have actually copied this and pasted it for reference to my team. We all forget these valuable resources. Not to mention that you are one valuable resource yourself!


  2. Justin Hammonds Says:

    Great Post,

    I’ll see you at the library.


  3. Brigitte Charlon Says:

    Hi Yvar, yes, I absolutely agree with what Stevi says,she says it all for me.
    Thanks for this great post Yvar!


  4. John Says:

    Very informative and helpful


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