The 4 Costly Mistakes Why Your Network Marketing Business Is Struggling

When you are running a business from home it can be very easy to feel like you are busy all the time.

But even among all this “busy work” most people are still not seeing the results they desire. After a while questions and doubt can begin to surface and your efforts diminish gradually because you don’t see any fruits of your labor.

If this sounds like you, I’m here to ask you to back away from ledge of failure. Over 97% of Network Marketers fail because “The Industry Doesn’t Work.” The truth is the industry DOES work but most people use that excuse as a blanked statement for why they are not successful in MLM.

If you are on the fence about MLM and continuing to build your business then chances are you have several road blocks in your way that YOU put in front of your business. You can’t go through it or around it they must be moved out of the way. These business road blocks are hazardous to your business. You have been making these 4 mistakes for a while now and it time to address them head on.

1. You Run Your Business As A Secretary

Like I previously stated when you are a Internet Marketer and Network Marketer it is so easy to push papers all day long. You get so busy in the administrative side of your business that you never really “get down to business.” You have to remember the reason why you got into Network Marketing was to be your own boss not be a secretary who works from home. There will always be articles to write and videos to cut but if 80% of your day is not spent connecting with new people to bring into your business then you will always remain frustrated with MLM.

2. You Want To Be A Millionaire In 2 Weeks

Probably by the first week your bubble burst that this “MLM Thing” was not as easy as it looks. But when you heard all the testimonials from the top leaders in how they made $ 10,000 in a week your eyes lighted up. What they forgot to show you was all the blood, sweat and tears that went into making $10,000 per week for that top leader. They started in the same position that you are in now growing their business bit by bit. But most marketers what to be the the next Guru and get paid like a Guru TODAY. You have to have reasonable expectations for your business. You must shift your thinking in order to see real results.

3. You Have A Touch of ADD

In this fast pace world we live in we are always trying to so many things at once. We’re reading and listening to the T.V. and making dinner all at the same time. Some of us can manage doing this better than others but research shows that a person who multi-task is actually less productive then a person who does one task at a time. Running your business from a place of consistent juggling means that you are not focused. If you’re not focused you can’t bring you’re “A Game” which means your not bring your best to your business. Each day you need a plan of action on how your going to run your business. Everything needs to be spelled out down to the hours you work your business to the time frame you have with your team. This is the first step of running your home-based business like a real business.

3. You Are Scared Of Putting Your Business On A Scale

With it being the New Year most people are trying to lose weight but before they try to conquer another diet they need to know their numbers like their current weight and their BMI. With those numbers they figure out based on diet and exercise how long it will take to reach their goals. The same goes for your business you must know the numbers for your business and the only way you will be able to do that is by tracking all your efforts. You must keep accurate records of your interactions with prospects and your online marketing. There are several online tools that can help you with this (Google It). This way you can see what’s working and continue to do more of that activity. Also you can tweak areas that need improvement. You’re operating and building a multimillion dollar business just like any other large organization and you must track your business in order to stay relevant in the market place.

Weather full-time or part-time you are a home-based business professional. If you don’t see yourself as such then your prospects and customers will not treat you as one. They will be flaky and give you the run around. Chances are this is a contributing factor for why you are struggling. Moving forward you need to simplify all your activities. Make prospecting your priority and then everything else comes next, then you should see a great shift in your business.

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5 Responses to “The 4 Costly Mistakes Why Your Network Marketing Business Is Struggling”

  1. Philip Blackett Says:

    Great post Yvar! So important that network marketers realize what their #1 priority SHOULD be and that’s Prospecting.

    It’s very easy to get caught up in everything else (which is important), but not as important as what ultimately pays YOU so you can continue to work from home.

    Thank you for sharing Rockstar,


  2. mike rao-Leadership coach Says:

    Great post.

    Very good points and I agree with you in that so many people feel just by signing up for a home business the money will come in. Obvioulsy, this is not true and to be successful,one must have a plan, focus and partner with a leader who can assist with personal development


  3. John Champion Says:

    Hey Yvar

    Thanks for this post. You have put some good points across.

    Thanks again.



  4. Mavis Nong Says:

    Hi Yvar,

    Great points you are sharing here.



  5. belotte Says:

    I would add “waste your time with spamming other websites instead of improving your product”


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