The 4 Copywriting Basics For Attraction Marketing

Wed, Mar 14, 2012


The 4 Copywriting Basics For Attraction Marketing

The 4 Copywriting Basics For Attraction Marketing

When I was in graduate school, I became all too familiar with how to write 20 and 30 page papers in a matter of 3-4 days. Pushing out content that expressed my thoughts on the subject at hand and citing peer reviewed authors and publications became like a formula I had to adhere to in order to do well on my papers. The same can be said for your copywriting. Weather it’s for your blog or an article; there is a formula for getting the type of results you want from your copy.

The whole purpose of this blog post is to help marketers who need a better understanding of having a copywriting framework. People are struggling with attraction marketing on so many different levels. When you shine a flashlight toward the solution with your copywriting skills you will attract more people seeking your expertise and leadership.

Through your copy you have to walk people through a process giving them exactly what they need to in order to stop the bleeding in their own business. How you do that is by making sure you use what I like to call the 4 P’s of writing copy. Let’s go deeper into this.

Pressing– The 2 biggest problems faced by network marketer is a lack of money and a lack of leads. If you can’t get over these major hurdles then everything else falls by the waist side. As an attraction marketer you need to press on this pain in order to move them into action. Its not to make to make them feel bad but it help them to stop the bleeding in their business.

Position– Because you are a professional problem solver you must stand out from the crowd with your unique solution. When you have a outstanding way to solve a problem, position yourself as a trusted advisor on the subject. Show confidence in your copy that expresses that you are the leader who can help them get the results they are looking for.

Practical– This is where you help your reader to see how you can help in practical ways. Use proof images, case studies, testimonials, and example stories to paint a picture that others have succeed using attraction marketing strategies. The faster you can answer the pressing question on their mind of, can I do this, the sooner they will start pulling out their wallets.

Particular-As a trusted advisor and leader express your specific recommendations as to how you can help your prospect reach their goals. Explain your marketing system and why it works. Explain why a partnership with you is a unique and a great advantage against the competition. Essentially you need to express why they must take action on your offer.

Use these 4 P’s to standout from other attraction marketers. You now have a formula that not only can help you get your message across more clearly but speaks directly to your prospects. But this is just the basics. If you are planning to grow your business long-term online, I highly suggest that you take a copywriting course that will teach you the mechanics of making your copywriting skills stronger.

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Yvar Belotte

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Marc Barett

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