The 2 Types of People You Need To Expose Your Business To

Tue, Feb 1, 2011

Network Marketing, Prospecting

Prospecting is not that hard if you know who to talk to.

Don’t roll your eyes just yet. I want to simplify the prospecting process to make you understand how you should approach prospecting. If you would rather be eating a cows tongue than prospect then you have some misconceptions about prospecting that will leave you running a non-profit business.

In the world of network marketing prospecting pays the bills. It’s the single most activity that is a direct result of putting checks in your mailbox. To say that you don’t like prospecting is to say you don’t like making money. How silly does that sound! The whole reason why you are in business is to take control of every aspect of your life especially financially. Delaying or procrastinating on prospecting defeats the whole purpose of your original goals.

If the fear of talking to people scares you and that’s the main reason for your anxiety against prospecting then the only way to kill that fear is to just do it anyway. Thought that I had a nice pretty bow answer? Nope! You have to do it anyway. Even if you suck right now, even if you don’t have the perfect words and even if you are scared out of your mind. You just have to do it! No other way around it. Personally it took me understand this concept that forced me into action. That even after listen to all the trainings, audios, and attending events I had to make the decision to just DO IT.

But to simplify the process even more for you there are only 2 types of people that you need to connect with in order to give your business good exposure on a daily basis. Just decided on who you would like to speak to:

1. People You Know (Warm Market)

2. People You Don’t Know (Cold market)

Sounds easy enough right!

But so many of us make it harder than it needs to be. Both warm market and cold market comes with their own Pros & Cons list. Its up to you to weigh them against each other to find out what your starting point is.

Once you decide on WHO your going to talk to then you can decided on HOW to connect with these people.  There are so many strategies out there that its endless. You just need to stick with one and master it. Strategies might be free or paid and offer fast results or slow results either way to have to consistently use it to know if it’s effective.

Prospecting might be scary today but if you do it tomorrow and the next day and the next day you are that much closer to killing that fear and running a business to record breaking profits!

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4 Responses to “The 2 Types of People You Need To Expose Your Business To”

  1. Ryan Martin Says:

    Great advice Yvar,

    Usually the thing that you fear most is the thing that you should do in order to grow both financially and personally.

    Ryan Martin


  2. Steven Dean Says:

    That does make complete sense there. If your in business for yourself then you need to talk with people or other wise the bills won’t get paid. Reaching out to people and connecting is basically, one of the only ways your gonna succeed in this industry unless your Worldly renown. Like you said Yvar, there’s no way around it and you just have to do it. More than likely when your speaking with someone on the phone I wouldn’t give a person such a hard time since we once all been there in their shoes. I still get the jitters sometimes, but its also because Im excited too. Thanks for sharing

    Steven Dean


  3. Ryan Critchett Says:

    Great article! It’s true.. K.I.S.S!

    I like your way of keeping it simple. Additionally, I totally agree that the battle plan is never gonna be straight, JUST DO IT!



  4. James Says:

    If you develop your prospecting skills early on with your warm market when you get to the cold market it becomes very simple. Great post!!


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