Online Marketing Strategies: Free-vs-Paid

Mon, Jan 3, 2011

Online Marketing

With so much noise on the Internet marketing online can be a very confusing thing.

I’m going to simplify the whole process of marketing your business online and give you the ins and outs of free online marketing strategies and paid marketing strategies.

The whole purpose of marketing online is to drive traffic to your blog or website. How you do that is by offering valuable information in exchange for a persons name and email address. With your leads giving you their information they have agreed to be on your list. Through the help of an auto-responder you will start to build a relationship with your list by continuing to offer more valuable information that may come from you or a trusted source. Down the line you can offer services or products this is called your sales funnel with the end result of your lead to do business directly with you.

You might be saying to yourself what kind of valuable information do I offer? Well depending on the industry you are in and how experienced you are will depend on the information. As a new-comer you  share what you know as you learn it. As a veteran in the industry you might offer unique strategies rarely known by others. How you share the information is a matter of marketing two ways: Free or Paid.

Free Online Marketing

We all love to hear the words FREE. It means more money is staying in your pocket for what your getting. So when you are marketing online there are endless ways to market your business for free. Some of the best ways right now is through social media, article marketing, and video marketing. With these strategies you are offering a personal touch to your marketing. These are  effective strategies but they take time. That’s why I like to call them long-term marketing for two reasons. You can post an article or a video online and it will take a few weeks or months to start generating traffic from it on a consistent basis. Also because its long-term it will allow you to continue to monetize from it for months  and months ahead. To get a grasp of all the free marketing strategies available online can be as simple a Google search.

Paid Marketing

If you are looking to generate traffic and leads immediately then you need paid marketing strategies. With paid marketing you can see leads flowing through your sales funnel within minutes of setting up a campaign. That’s why paid marketing is considered short-term marketing. You can get tons of leads using Pay Per Click, Solo Ads, Mobile Marketing and other marketing software tools but once the campaign is done so is your lead flow. A paid campaign can run anywhere from a few hours to a few days. This marketing option is great for those who want a bust of attention toward their site quickly.

Best Way To Market

Now the question that’s on everyone’s mind is is one better then the other and the answer is NO. Free marketing works and so does Paid. It all depends on personal budget and how soon you want to see results. But the best way to market is to have a hybrid of them both. As you use free marketing you may get discouraged after a while because it takes time to generate leads. That’s why having a paid strategy can always help you put people in your sales funnel right away. But free marketing is to irresistible.  You have the potential to put out information that can pay you into the future, that’s a no brainer. So you see it really doesn’t matter which online marketing strategies you use but using both for the benefit of your business can explode your bank account.


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2 Responses to “Online Marketing Strategies: Free-vs-Paid”

  1. Roger Holmes Says:

    Yvar, great stuff. My fav word is free…lol. So I can appreciate the use of social media and articles and other free methods, as long as your getting the job done.

    Roger Holmes


  2. Robin Marks Says:

    I tend to use a mixture of both. I totally agree with you on with what you said here. There really is no one best way to market. You have to be creative and think outside the box. I’ll most definitely be sharing this my friend.

    Robin Marks


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