MLM Training: Who To Accept Help From In Your Home Business

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If The Struggle Is REAL Then You Need REAL Help!

The average newbie or struggling marketer will find it utterly confusing to find the “RIGHT” MLM Training to help them. Everyone and their momma says “I Can Help You”. But who can you believe and trust? Who will give you the information you need in order to create a business breakthrough for yourself?

I once had to ask myself these questions because I had a coaching session with one of my favorite Guru’s and after our coaching session, I realized although the information was valuable, it wasn’t what I needed at the time. Then it dawned on me that, I should of been more direct and clear as to what I wanted to get out of the coaching session. So that got me thinking, how do you know what type of help you need and what type of leader to go to.

I’m going to share with you what took me a good minute to figure out. Hopefully this will help you avoid all the pomp and circumstance in the marketplace and allow you to be clear on what it is that you really do need in your business right now.

Where You Are Now

If you are struggling in your business for more that 3 months then I recommend that you seek outside guidance to help you get over roadblocks. So before you go out and just hire your favorite guru leader. I want you to consider this foundational question that will guide you in the right direction.

First you need to evaluate what do you think has been the contributing factor for your lack of results? Get a specific as you can. Based on your answer, it will indicate who you should seek out for assistance.

Who You Need Now

If you are struggling and you believe you have a mindset roadblock, then you need a COUNSELOR. This is someone who can help you with limiting beliefs, confidence issues, and other internal chatter that causes self sabotage. A Counselor is there to help you unpack your thoughts, find the source of any negative beliefs and give you a different perspective on how you can look at things. They are also encourager’s. They offer powerful motivational and inspirational words of wisdom that will help you get excited about your potential. Typically this is a 1 to 1 service. This person may or may not be a mental health professional.

If you are struggling with understanding and doing the various moving parts in your home based business, then you need a TRAINER. This person will show the mechanics of what you need to do in your business. They give you the “how-to’s” in a structured format that is easy to follow. A Trainer can help you with anything from what to say to prospects to setting-up a proper sales funnel. They could offer the service 1 to 1 or through a course. This person may or may not be certified in their field of expertise.

If you are struggling to figure out what actions you should take in your business, then you need a COACH. This person will give you a strategic plan of action on what you need to do consistently to get results. All you have to do is implement. After a certain period of time like 14 days to 30 days the Coach should check in to see your progress and to see if you’ve implemented correctly. They can help you with anything from creating a daily method of operations to creating a content marketing strategy. This could be a 1 to 1 service or in a group. This person may or may not be a certified coach in their field of expertise.

If you are a producer and have a level of success in your business but want to model a person and their business practices, then you want a MENTOR. A Mentor offers all 3 in 1: they counsel, teach and coach. This is a relationship that can’t be purchased. The Mentor typically seeks out a person who they can take under their wings and teach all the tricks of the trade. To get the attention of a Mentor you need to became very active in their community. So that might mean purchasing their course, promoting their products or even volunteering at their events. The more you show up willing to serve, the more the Mentor will see your hunger for success and give you an invite to their inner circle to be Mentored.

Learn From My Mistake

Now that you know how to identify what your struggling with and the different types of help available to you, I want you to understand that, one type of helper can cross over and give guidance in another area of your business too. For example you hire a trainer for video marketing and they give you some motivation to boost your confidence in your videos, that’s perfectly fine.

What’s important is that you don’t hire the wrong type of help. Back to my story of the coach I hired. During the coaching session I realized that I hired a counselor vs a coach. The person gave me encouraging words to ponder over and books to read. My whole intention was to get a specific strategy on what I should focus on in my business. Unfortunately I couldn’t express what I needed clearly at the time. Now that I know better, I’m passing this insight to you so you don’t waste your time and money.

Investing In Yourself

As you are fully aware, its critical to your success that you invest in your education. Those who don’t take their business seriously and will ultimately fall victim to the failure rate of the home business industry.

I know personally I spent over $100K in student loans for my academic degrees. So when I need to invest in my business to go to the next level its often a “no brainer” to get the MLM Training I need because it’s always sufficiently less then what I’ve paid to schools in the past.

Getting the counseling, training and coaching or even mentorship you need allows you to increase your value in which you can now start attracting the right types of people to your business.

If you’ve identified that you need coaching in your business and are looking for a personalized strategy that will help you stand out in the market place, I’m your girl. You can either work with me here and my coaching is included or you can schedule a clarity session with me here and we’ll discuss how I can help your business.

16 Responses to MLM Training: Who To Accept Help From In Your Home Business

  1. Really clear distinction among the types of help out there. Certainly cleared up some questions for me. Thanks, Yvar.

  2. Great post Yvar there are some golden nuggets in here. Thank you for sharing some solid value.

  3. awesome tips you shared yvar! thanks so much

  4. Cathy says:

    So very true, Yvar. I like the way you broke them out. It’s taken me time to figure this out for myself as well and I have multiple degrees too. I have sought out several different people to get what I need to move forward.

  5. Yvar, I love how you broke down and differentiated between the types of trainers and what they do. Making the correct choice in that area can save a lot of time.

  6. powerful tips so many are struggling with there mlm business i was 1 of them.

  7. Vasilis says:

    Great post here Yvar.

    New comers to this industry can learn a tons of new things and go a lot faster using coaches on their way to success.

    I couldn’t agree more with you 🙂

  8. Diana says:

    Thanks for sharing Yvar! These tips are a life saver. It’s hard to know who to trust in this industry.

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