How To Take Ownership Of Your Network Marketing Business

Job Security is an oxymoron. There is nothing secure and safe about working on someone else’s dream and building their bank account.

This realization is the primary reason why you got into Network Marketing. You saw an amazing opportunity to change your life and your family’s life forever. So you took a chance. With no guarantees of success you put your name on enrollment form, gave all your personal information, paid your investment fee and signed on the dotted line. It was official, you now owned a business.

Do you remember that day? It was the easiest day in your Network Marketing career. Because anyone can get started in Network Marketing but the hard part is actually doing something with your business. Most people fail in Network Marketing not because its too hard for them, its because they did not take ownership of their business.

Taking ownership of your Network Marketing business means that you put all your chips in and you give 110% of your efforts to your business until you reach your success goals. Notice I did not say for 90 days or 6 months. You are completely short changing your success rate if you place an expiration date on it. Success comes when it comes. Its journey and when you keep asking “Are We There Yet” every few months you are actually making your journey much longer. WHY? Because you are not paying attention to the life and business lessons on the road.

It is absolutely your full and complete responsibility to get yourself through the finish line. That end point is your WHY! It’s the whole reason why you with stand negativity, disappointment, and frustration in your business. It a higher reason and it’s a bigger reason then just money.

There are 5 Ways To Take Ownership Of Your Network Marketing Business

1. Develop Yourself First

Mindset is everything in Network Marketing. You have to work on yourself daily to tough it out among the “Naysayers”. That’s why you will hear all the top leaders talk about mindset before an event or a training because if your mind is not right it will not receive the information that can be potentially be life changing. Get your mind right in order to get your money right.

2. Be Laser Focused

If you have zero time for games in your Network Marketing business then chances are you are laser focused about what it is that you need to do to reach your success goals. Network Marketing is a serious Profession and just like any other profession it requires skill-set and training to be your best. Top leaders will tell you that success only came when they became laser focused and decided to commit to their business. That’s why I love the acronym for FOCUS=Firmly On Course Until Successful. Commit to your business and you will constantly see cash.

3. Attend Trainings

In order to be good Leader you must be a good teacher. Everyone wants the Guru status but in order to be a good teacher you must be to a good student first. During your Network Marketing career you must take your training very seriously. Serious does not mean when I can get to it. Serious does not mean you’ll go to the next event. Do not take this part of your business passively. You must be engaged with what it takes in order for you to be great. Everyone wants the ‘know how’ but not everyone is willing to show up for trainings. To advance your skill-sets you must attend tele-conferences, webinars, broadcast events, and live events. They all offer you and your business the tools to put you in profit immediately. Increase your skill-set to increase your bank account.

4. Stop Doing Your Business Alone

People often forget that this industry is designed to work as a team in order to reach individual goals. Hence the word Networking. No need to reinvent the wheel for your business. Connect with the people who are willing to help you and shape you. Don’t let the excuse that you upline is nowhere to be found deter you from getting the help that you need. There are so many industry leaders who are willing to help you regardless if you are on their team or not. Search for a leader that you look up to and ask for guidance. Network to increase your Net Worth.

5. Just Do It

There is a lot of talking going! You want this and that and when you do this you are going to do that. All of that is good and well but at the end of the day you have to Just Do It! Do whatever it takes to be successful. When you run your business with the philosophy to “Just Do It,” then you open up a desire in you that will push you beyond your wildest dreams. Increase your actions to get more income.

Bottom line you must grab your business with both hands and strap on your seat belt for a very bumpy ride. The only guarantee that you will have is that it’s not going to be easy but with hard work and dedication it will be rewarding. Don’t look for anyone else to pull you forward in your business. You have what it takes to be succeed in your business. Take ownership of your business and see your income level explode.

Looking for Leadership that will not babysit you or enable you but guide and support you in pushing your own “Little Red Wagon?” Then join the fastest growing team online that will help you break down barriers and build your bank account.

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5 Responses to “How To Take Ownership Of Your Network Marketing Business”

  1. brigitte charlon Says:

    oops, my reply did fly !
    I find this topic very interesting and useful, as it gives the reader clear directions, guidelines to support this business which can be quite overwhelming, and sometimes confusing.

    I like that you emphasize the fact that we need to TAKE OWNERSHIP of our business.
    Thank you for a great teaching Yvar.


  2. ellen Says:

    Hi Yvar, thanks for sharing your insights..I am working on myself, focus can be difficult at times especially at this time of the year..but yes I hear you..JUST DO It..cheers


  3. Benson Says:

    Luv your post; Thank you


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