How To Press The Restart Button On Your Network Marketing Business

Sat, Mar 10, 2012

Network Marketing

How To Press The Restart Button On Your Network Marketing Business

Go Ahead……..Press The Button!
You have full permission to give yourself a restart in your network marketing business (even if this is your 10th time). And why not, it’s the perfect time of the year for new beginnings. While some people are trying to lose those last 15lbs, you’re crafting up a plan for MLM domination. While some have vowed to stop smoking, you are getting ready to unleash an explosion in your business. While some are promising to be a better human being, you have decided to lead by example.

With March in full swing how has the year been going for you so far? Well for me its been pretty good but busy. I say busy because I have been pulled in a lot of different directions and had to take care of several stressful situations. So I’ve been busy helping over here and taking care of this over there but placing my networking business in the back seat.

Now as I recalled on that faithful day I decided to join my primary company and go into business for myself, I was full of excitement. But along the way to my 6-Figure a year journey, life happened. Now that I’m back on track I’ve had to bring a new focus and new energy to my business. No more sitting on the sidelines, its time for me to press the restart button on my network marketing business .

If you are like me you know that NOW is the time but you must be clear as to how you will approach your reborn business. Let look at what’s need.

You Must Have A Plan

You’ve hear it said before, “Failing to plan, is planning to fail.” This rings true for your business as well. Plan out the next 90-100 days in your business. What will you be doing daily? Or if you are part-time what are the days and hours you can work your business. What is the one strategy that you will be doing consistently. Its important not to get “Shiny New Object Syndrome” during this time period. Use your plan to be laser focused on your goals for your business. At the end of your business blitz what goals do you want to accomplish? One of my leaders in my primary company always says when you have a plan there is nothing to fear. Take some time on this step and get clear.

Create A Vision Environment
I am a big believer in The Secret aka The Law of Attraction. The principles are basic but foundational in getting started correctly with any business goal. In order to fully embody the Law of Attraction you must have vision. That’s why often we are asked to create vision boards or meditate on our goals each day. Doing these types of activities are focal points for your bigger vision. Seeing the actual pictures and putting positive emotion each time you see them will get you to your goals quicker. But because we are both playing a bigger game this time around, we need to create a vision environment. What that means is placing pictures and images of what you want all around you. The three places you are in the most is your home, your work space and your car. So each space represents a mini vision board of what you want to replace in that space. So in your home put up pictures of your dream home, of your vacation home, of your dream home office, or your ultimate pool patio. Do the same with all the spaces you spend the most time in. This will be a clear sign to the universe that you are serious about reaching your goals because you are constantly surrounding yourself with reminders of your dreams.

Over Dose On Personal Development
In my primary company we have a saying that you need to OD on PD, Over Dose on Personal Development in order for you to be the person you need to be in life and in business. Chances are that you understand that your network marketing business is just personal development with a compensation plan. We get paid to get better and help others to do the same. One of my prized possessions in my digital library. During this business blast I will be diving deep on those ebooks that I haven’t cracked open yet. I’ll be making my car a drive time university, like Zig Ziglar recommends for all professionals. I’m going to limit outside media. I’m going to do my best to keep a constant sea of positive information around me. What about you? Any audios you need to catch up on? Any old courses you need to brush up on? Take this time to truly work on yourself and your mindset. This business is 90% mental and 10% how-to. So it only makes sense that we spend more time working on ourselves so we can be the best in all areas in our life.

100 Day Business Builder Challenge
One of the biggest reasons why I have decided to get restarted on my network marketing business today is because I joined the 100 Day Business Builder Challenge put on by Adam Chandler and Jordan Schultz. These guys are rising stars within our industry and they have put together a challenge that proves to a tough road ahead. They have already given us a virtual kick in the butt by emphasizing that the purpose of the challenge is to get us out of our little comfortable box. Although this is an online challenge Adam and Jordan will be helping us implement practices that are fundamental in network marketing.

I’m up for the challenge and I hope you are to. If you have been feeling like I have and need to restart button to your network marketing business, do the challenge with me. Learn all about it here. Lets take our businesses to the top together!

Biz Builder Challenge

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