How To Make Your Business Unrecognizable In The Next 100 Days!

Tue, Jan 25, 2011

Online Marketing

Are you still suffering from the 2010 holiday funk?

Even though it says January on the calendar you just haven’t been able to pick up the pace in your business. For some home and small business professionals the start of a New Year was the prime opportunity to revamp their business. But for others January has proven to be a slow start to 2011.

No worries! You still have plenty of time to make a big business impression in this New Year. Stop beating yourself up for your sluggish beginnings. You’re not alone. So many other professionals are looking for the second push to get new momentum going in their business.

Face Lift

One of the best ways to this is through a 100 Day Challenge. I’m sure you have seen or been a part of different challenges online either for business or for personal reasons. Well having a 100 Day Challenged dedicated to the pure growth of your business can be the remarkable transformation that you have been looking for.

One of the biggest reasons business professionals fail at online marketing is because most people don’t know what to do. With so much information out there information overload can render a hopeful professional useless. Being overwhelmed and confused in business is not a profitable position to be in.

Some new business partners of mines are putting together a 100 Day Challenge simply to double and even triple the growth of your business. How would you like to wake up in 100 Days and see a brand new face on your business! There is no doubt that you would not even recognize it. If you want more out of your business by taking simple daily action steps then this Challenge is right for you.

Get Started

The 100 Day Challenge is all about having a community that builds you and your business up. During the 100 days you will be given daily action steps that focus on building your business. How we do that is through several different mediums:

  • Online Marketing
  • Offline Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Content Sharing
  • Social Media
  • Prospecting & Recruiting
  • Accountability

All of these business building strategies will be completed by each member and shared across the whole community. The Challenge will primarily focus on content creation and syndication. What this means is that your business gets 100 times more expose then if you submitted your own efforts alone.

To join the 100 Day Challenge Community is FREE. All home and small business professionals are welcome to join regardless of skill level. There is full training available through a simple attraction marketing system called My Lead System Pro (MLSP). MLSP is the #1 attraction marketing system online used by top industry leaders and will be the marketing system used during the Challenge. Therefore each participating person must already be an active member of MLSP or must join MLSP prior to the start date which is January 27, 2011.

The video below explains the 100 Day Challenge in full detail

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Join MLSP TODAY And Take Their 30 Day Risk-Free Test Drive. Give 100% To Your Business In The Next 100 Days And You WILL NOT Recognize Your Business!

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6 Responses to “How To Make Your Business Unrecognizable In The Next 100 Days!”

  1. Karen Miller Says:

    Hello I have been advertising on safelist traffic exchanges ppl go to them but no sign ups. How much do you charge for your program


  2. Nathan L Says:

    Awesome post Yvar!

    I took this challenge in the middle of 2010 and I can’t believe the newfound success.

    MLSP is a great tool & if used correctly… can surely boost just about anyone’s business!

    Keep it coming! = )


  3. Andrea Bolder Says:

    Hey Yvar, Great information and what a great challenge. This will really get people out of their rut and jumpstart some amazing success if followed through the entire 100 days =)


  4. Graham Says:

    Hi Yvar i wish you success with your 100day challenge.
    Its all in the mind if you think you can you can!!

    Please keep us updated with your challenge the good and the bad.

    Good luck Graham


  5. Ontarian Hawkins Says:

    Hey Yvar,

    A 100 day challenge is brilliant.. Starting a business is the easy part, but taking action with persistence is another BEAST. This challenge will help others who need momentum receive it..

    Thanks sis,



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