How To Identify Your “WHY” In 5 Minutes For Your Network Marketing Home Business

Mon, Mar 12, 2012


How To Identify Your “WHY” In 5 Minutes For Your Network Marketing Home Business

Do you know your WHY?

I have been involved with network marketing industry for the past 2 years and every company and industry leader expresses that, if I didn’t have a why that made me cry then I would never have enough motivation to do the work required to reach success.

Motivation is a relative thing. What motivates for one does not necessarily motivate for the next. Attaching a “WHY” to that motivation makes reaching your goals more likely. But most of us take the general approach to claiming our “WHY.” Below are some common statements made by most professionals building their network marketing home business.

…I’m doing this for my family
…..I’m doing this for my kids
…..Because I want to be rich
…..I want to buy a house
…..I want to pay off my debt

These are all great reasons to move toward success but they are “surface level” responses. Some might even say that these are lazy answers they do not identify the root cause behind that statement. I know for myself, I used the family statement. My husband and my daughter are my world and I just want them to live a very comfortable life. (Say…Awwww!). As cute and mushy that answer is, I have found it very hard to fix myself on that “WHY” to push me toward reaching my goals. I’ve given it a lot of thought as to the reason behind it and what I’ve come up with is because it’s a blanketed statement. Its like saying to a person, I want you to have a good life. Well to some a good life is a roof over their heads and food in their stomachs and to some having 2 luxury vacation homes is a good life. There’s no clear definition as to what a “good life” looks like. So I knew then I had to dig deeper.

Being Futuristic
My primary company had their live event in January and it was absolutely incredible to see over 14,000 people to come together seeking a better future. And that’s the true root of having a “WHY” because we want to secure a better tomorrow. One of my favorite saying from 2-time Superbowl Champion Rod Smith is “I reside in the present but I live in the future.” What this veteran network marketer means is that he always has the end in mind. That’s why your “WHY” can’t just be something that makes you “CRY” but it must make you “FLY.” Your “WHY” has to elevate you in such a way that you soar over all the trials and tribulations associated with building a business.

Motivational Exercise That Takes It Deeper
I was first exposed to this exercise by PJ McClaren. He’s known in the online space as the The Mindset Manven. He is skilled on getting you laser focused on your goals and helping you to remove mental blocks. The exercise below is about getting to the deep core of your “WHY.” This should take you about five minutes to see for yourself in black in white, why you have decided to take the road less travel and build an unstoppable network marketing home business. I call this exercise Why 5 Times. You will ask yourself the same question 5 times until you reach a clearly defined “WHY.”

“I want to be a top leader in my company.”
#1 “Why is that important to me?”
“Because I want to earn serious income and help a lot of people realize their dreams.”
#2 “Why is that important to me?”
“If I get to the top of my company I will be in a better financially position to give to others.”
#3 “Why is that important to me?”
“If I can give more, I can serve more people”
#4 “Why is that important to me?”
“Making a difference in others by serving would bring me a since fulfillment
#5 “Why is that important to me?”
“Because I want to lead a life of significance and purpose that makes a direct positive impact on others”

Deep right! You now have a “WHY” that you can focus on. You now can frame this statement in your mind, but don’t stop there. If you really want to seal the deal to make sure you reach your network marketing home business goals, put your statement on an index card and with a date of completion and carry your card on your person at all times. This is what Earl Nightingale recommends in his famous audio, The Strangest Secret. While you’re waiting in line, look at it. While you’re getting a haircut, look at it. While you’re on your lunch break, look at it. Keep your “WHY” in the front of your mind several times a day and you will be on the fast track to realizing your goals and dreams.

Feel like sharing! Do this exercise and let me know what your “WHY” statement is. This exercise works for all goals weather personal or business, large or small.

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