How To Handle The “How Much Money Have You Made” Objection!

Wed, Feb 2, 2011

Network Marketing, Prospecting

Objections are questions to test your belief.

I first heard this from Dani Johnson when I attended one of her monthly training seminars called First Steps To Success. In Network Marketing if there is one thing you can count on it is getting objections. People often have a fear of getting started and throw objections your way to test your belief system with your company and its products. That’s why its important to have an unshakable faith in your business. People can tell when you are just trying to make a sale or you truly want to help them.

After you start prospecting for a while you will notice only a hand few objections come up for most people. But from time to time you get rare objections as well.  The Objection “How Much Money Have You Made” is not a common objection but is mostly projected by warm market prospects. These people know you and want to know if your product and company are so good how much have you made so far. Its actually a natural question to ask if you know the person but very weird and even rude if you get asked this question by someone you don’t even know. The income you have made in your business is no one else’s concern. As a Network Marketer you are there to solely present an opportunity. Don’t feel obligated to answer that objection with  specific and personal information eve n if it is family.

During the span of my Network Marketing career I’ve come across some great responses to this objection. Here are the best ones I heard:

1. Prospect: Everything sound great but tell me the truth how much money have you made?

You: The truth is I don’t know because I haven’t finished collecting it all yet! So lets get you started so you can start  collecting checks 6 months from now for the work you do this month.

-This response will shut your prospect right up. They will be shocked that you started months ago and are still getting paid form your first month in the business.

2. Prospect: The Comp Plan looks really good. Tell me how much have you made so far in the business?

You: Well my question to you is how much of my money can you spend?

Prospect: None!

You: That’s right so it doesn’t matter what I make what matters is what you can make! So lets fill out your application so you can be profitable in your first 2 weeks in business.

-This one is another shocker, an eye opener, and a brain teaser. This response requires a little more posture. The Prospect typically can read between the lines and understands that they have to work in order to get paid.

These two responses will allow you to take control of the conversation and direct the Prospect to take an action step.  Its really key that once you have answered the objection that you immediately direct them to take action. That might mean to get started with an application or to see a live presentation or to attend a company event. Whatever it is you need to tell your Prospect what their next move is.

It should be clear to you by now that Network Marketing requires real training to develop the skill-sets needed to run your business like the million dollar corporation that it is. If you continue to focus on mastering prospecting and recruiting and master closing then eventually you will see results that will explode your business. And what I’ve noticed by the top leaders and gurus of this industry is that after a while they rarely get objections because people are hurting themselves to do business with them. The same will happen to you if you master these skill-sets and continue to invest in your training.

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10 Responses to “How To Handle The “How Much Money Have You Made” Objection!”

  1. Victor Antonio Says:

    While I like the two responses, they seem (in my humble opinion) condescending and evasive and smart “buyers” will pick up on this and be turned off. Might I suggest the following.

    I just posted a video which talks about this very subject (Note: I’m not trying to promote the video,…just sharing because it applies directly to what you’re talking about –

    Summary: When you have someone who is skeptical, providing them the bad news (downside) first builds credibility and sets them up to hear the good news (upside). See video then read the script I would use:

    Joe Prospect: How much money have you made?

    You: Joe, I get that question asked a lot and it really depends on how much time and effort you put in. (Bad News) I started about 2 months ago and although I’ve only made $100 it shows me that it is possible. (Good News) But here’s what I do know. I know colleagues of mine who are making $2,000 a month and it took a bit of time to get there. Like you I was skeptical. But when I got that first check, even though it was only $100, man it was a great feeling knowing I was starting to build wealth for yourself and that one day I will be financially independent. (commitment question) Is that what you want long term?

    This approach is honest and will allow you to: a) sleep at night, b) weed out the wannabees and c) sell with integrity.

    I’m open to your feedback 🙂


    • Delois McKay Says:

      I believe Victor’s approach is a good one. It’s honest and people will trust you and respect you as having integrity and want to follow you into business. The others won’t be good to work with anyway if they don’t like your honest answer.


  2. admin Says:

    Thanks Victor for your response.

    The responses to the objections are meant to put the spot light back on the Prospect. In no fashion is it meant to be as a put down or to insult someones intelligence. Like you mentioned in your video depending on the Prospect will depend on the response. You should be honest with all your Prospects but only offer additional information if they require it. Sometimes people talk themselves right out of a deal trying to offer full disclosure. That’s why getting your leader involved can help you seal the deal. But your right Victor whats important is to work with integrity and work with people who want to work with you!

    Thanks again for your input. I know that you are an awesome speaker and sales trainer and any insight that you can offer on being a better business professional is greatly appreciated. 🙂


  3. Victor Antonio Says:

    Thanks for replying; much appreciated. Great blog…keep up the good work. Sharing this type of information/perspective is what learning from each other is all about 🙂

    p.s., Note the (commitment question) at the end of the script is also meant to (as you say) put the light back on the prospect. So I wholeheartedly agree with you!


  4. Ruth Says:

    I really like this answer – The truth is I don’t know because I haven’t finished collecting it all yet!
    I’m going to start using it.
    Thanks for sharing Yvar.


  5. Ryan Biddulph Says:

    Hi Yvar,

    Thanks for sharing the creative answers 😉



  6. Andrea Bolder Says:

    Great points! You always have to have a strong comeback but no matter how you form the words many times it is your conviction and sincerity that resonates with the prospect and ultimately seals the deal. You can say something a million times but if the conviction and belief does not come across in your tone it’ll be hard to convince anyone to join you in business.


  7. Steven Dean Says:

    I like this. Good role play lines to use for prospecting. The money a person can make does come down to the person who is taking their work seriously. The limits of making what you think your worth is limitless. I feel that asking such a question isn’t rude depending on the relationship you have with that person. So I do agree with you on that. Its just people want to feel that its possible to make money. But Like I said, it varies to person to person. Thanks for sharing

    Steven Dean


  8. Andre St George Says:

    Great responses Yvar!!! If only I had thought of some of these lines back when I started, might of resulted in a few more people joining me. In the beginning I’m pretty sure I came across this question 85% of the time from my warm market. It takes a bit of convincing to show others that the income you generate has no bearing or effect on what they can make for themselves.

    So I agree, the ultimate rule for prospecting is to make the prospect take ACTION. Controlling the conversation is key, present yourself as the leader, because you always wanna keep in mind….’Am I Recruiting Or Being Recruited’?

    Great Post…

    Variety & Value
    “When In Doubt..Network”


  9. Robin Marks Says:

    This is question that really gets alot of new marketers hung up. Your insight as to what to think and say Yvar is excellent.


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