How To Get Your Spouse To Support Your Network Marketing (MLM) Business

Mon, Oct 25, 2010


I was listening to a talk radio show the other day and the speaker was talking about family dynamics. His message was that there is no pain like family pain. This is so true!

Many people in business are dealing with a lot of turmoil in their business not for any other reason then lack of family support. This family discourse can be raised when one spouse decides to run a non-traditional business by way of Network Marketing. The Network Marketing industry is not main stream. Although it has been in existence for over 70 years and has made more millionaires then any other industry, often people associate the industry with scams and illegal activity.

This is a misconception that most Network Marketers must deal with each day. But trying to explain the industry to a loved one can be much more difficult then with a cold lead.

When it comes to Network Marketing their are thousands of stories of one spouse not being supported by the other. Its very common. When the Networker decides to get involved in a MLM company often the other spouse has some resistance. There is no need to convince or hoot and holler. Not even to your spouse. Because Network Marketing is about helping people who are open and  can come to an understanding that this industry or opportunity is a vehicle to financial independence. Your spouse has to come to their own understanding about the value and validity of this industry.

If your spouse disagrees on you joining a Network Marketing or MLM company you can reduce the arguing and thick tension in your relationship by offering them a compromise.

There are 3 steps that you must do to ensure that you build your business the right way and also show your spouse that acknowledge their view point.

1. Show Them Your Plan

Once you have joined your Network Marketing company make sure that your spouse sees a presentation. They need to know exactly what you are doing and watching a online presentation or going to a hotel meeting will give them a good overview. Once they have seen a presentation, then you need to show them your goals. Giving them a blueprint of how you will be spending your time building your business. That might mean two hours before bedtime or one hour before work. More than likely you will have to attend local events and training and that might be time you normally spend with your family. Address the changes and make up those times with your family.

2.Keep Them In The Loop

As you build your business day after day and week after week you need to give your spouse a follow-up report from time to time. If your organization is growing share that with them and if its not growing or you are having problems address how you are working to fix it. That could be by training, mentoring or coaching. Your spouse will be more appreciative that you are keeping them informed about your business.

3. Give Your Plan A Time Frame

With a spouse on the fence you need a to offer them a deadline. We all know that success in this industry takes 2-5 years so make your success goals incremental. Your first goal deadline can be that you will make your initial investment back in 30 days. Another goal is that you plan to add one new person to your organization a week. Another goal can be that you reach a ranked position in your company in 6 months. The key to these success goals is to make them with realistic deadlines.

As your spouse starts to see your success and starts enjoying the increased household income more then likely they will come around and either fully support you in your business or become your business partner. Either way its a win-win solution.

The key point to remember in this kind of situation is that family always comes before business. This is especially true if its a spouse because you don’t live with your business you live with your spouse. Acknowledging the differences in opinion about your business can actually be the starting point on getting your spouse on your side. All you truly need is a spouse that is supportive. They don’t necessarily have to be in the business with you but their support can mean the difference between good business days and bad business days!

Listen to Larry Beacham, The King of LinkedIn, explain the true way to address and approach your spouse when they are indifferent about your Network Marketing business venture.

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The Leadership Team you join can be the difference between marital bliss or  a nightmare. The right team will help you every step of the way even with the smallest questions. A Team that you can depend on at all time to help during you success journey to the top.

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