3 Key Factors You Need To Follow Your Dreams

Fri, Aug 2, 2013

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3 Key Factors You Need To Follow Your Dreams

follow your dreamsI was on a call last night where Lisa Nichols was teaching. If you know anything about Lisa she is a powerhouse speaker and trainer. She said something so profound. She said conviction and convenience can’t live in the same place because conviction has to cost you something. This is so true because to follow your dreams there will be a level of sacrifice.

Following your dreams comes at a price. Its not just a few missed steps along the way, its usually “all-hell-breaking-loose” in your life. But you have to understand that’s how life works. Many times difficulties are place in your path to test your conviction and to see if you are going to crumble.

Take A Chance On YOU

If you have that annoying voice that is tell you, “What if it doesn’t work?” then you need to immediately give it an answer, “What if it does work!” Where there is a negative question there is always a way to respond positively. This is especially true as you push forward to follow your dreams. People have a way of acting funny when you are trying to go after your dreams. Typically its them being uncomfortable because your doing something they wish they had the “kahunas” to do.

You don’t want to live with regret. Regret will eat you alive if you don’t take action on what you truly want out of life. Just ask the millions of senior citizens who spend their days saying to themselves “I wish I had done this and that.”

There’s only 3 major step you need to take when you are ready to fully commit to following your dreams.

1. Get Real With Yourself

Do you have some large abstract dream like end world hunger? It might be a nice response to a question at a Miss American pageant but in the real world you have to get ultra specific with what exactly what you want. So here come the hard questions.

  • What does my perfect day look like?
  • Who are the people I want to help?
  • What resources can I tap into to get me closer to my dream?
  • Who do I need to meet that can help me along this journey?

Also make sure that you are not going on this dreamer’s quest under false pretenses. You may have had friends or family members who may be pushing you to follow your dreams but in actually your following their dreams, not your own. You’ve adopted what the “world says” you should do versus listening to your deep inner voice. Its time to get real with yourself and get real with others about what you really want out of life.

2. Make a Non-Negotiable Decision

following your dreams
There’s an R&B song called “When a Woman’s Fed Up”. Just like the title suggestion the song is all about when women are tried of dealing with drama, they make up their minds that the relationship is over. They reached their breaking point and there is no turning back. It’s what we call a defining moment. A moment where you know that something has to change. Have you reached your breaking point? Have you had a defining moment that changed everything? All it takes is making a decision, one where there is no retreat. The boats have to be burned.

As a dream chaser, decisions make all the difference in the world. Its what distinguishes you from the next person. When you follow your dreams, you have to go full out after that sucker. Because no one is going to hand you a free pass. You have to decide early on that nothing but nothing is going to keep you away from making your dreams happen. When you make your decisions non-negotiable, your dreams become mandatory.

3. Expect Greatness

One of the biggest factors of your success is your level of expectations. Weather you understand it or not the nature in which you do an activity matters greatly. When you are in your “whatever it takes” activity mode, you must work with a spirit of excellence. With great excellence you can have greater expectations. And now greatness is simply becomes a by-product of your efforts. I hope you are expecting a lot from following your dreams.

Are you saying to yourself…

  • I expect to be a leader
  • I expect to impact lives.
  • I expect to walk in my destiny.
  • I expect to leave a lasting legacy.

If these are not in the area of your expectations then you are dreaming way to small. Upgrade your dream space. Here is a great video about expectations, that will shift your perception. Don’t be surprised if you can’t sleep tonight after watching it.

Declare Your Intention

When you declare an intention you are saying to yourself here is my plan and where I intend to go. But often times we get so excited with the pursuit and the possibilities of going after our dreams that we never sit down to craft out a plan of action. Its like taking a road trip with no map. Surely you might be on the road but it might not be the right one. That’s why dreams need structure. You must organize your efforts so you’ll have a clear way to measure them.

When you follow your dreams, get real with yourself and seal your decisions with expectations you will see amazing results.


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