Is Your Fear of Success Holding You Back In Your Home Business?

Mon, Nov 10, 2014

Personal Development

Is Your Fear of Success Holding You Back In Your Home Business?


Fear of Success…sounds like the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.

How can you be fearful and be successful at the same time.

This industry preaches that you can’t make excuses and make money at the same time. So naturally you can’t be a scaredy-pants and a top-gun at the same time, right?

Fear and success in the same sentence sounds like an oxymoron but many home business entrepreneurs struggle with facing their fear of success and you may be one of them. It may be because of how success was modeled to you growing up. It may be because you’ve been successful in the past and know first hand the complexities that comes with success. Or maybe you just didn’t get enough hugs from your parents as a youngster. Who knows? There’s no need to count the ways of why fear of success has shown up in your life. Right now is the time to tame that fear and get your mind back in to the right perspective.

Understanding Fear

Believe it or not fear is a massive protector. But this protector only speaks in negative terms. It only knows how to deflect pain.

Don’t call your cousin about the business, she might think you’re a weirdo.

What if he rejects me after I show him the plan?

You’ll look like a scammer if you promote your business on Facebook.

You barely have any results, no body is going to take you seriously.

This is the endless “crazy chatter” fear is fueled by. It likes to play it safe so when you are going after your big lofty goals and dreams, the crazy talk gets louder. How you override the fear voice is by taking action.

Feel The Fear Anyway…Seriously?

I think some people confuse the difference between “feeling fear” and “acknowledging fear”. When you feel the fear you are intensifying that emotional response. When you acknowledge the fear you are amplifying the source of the fear, like a radar detector. Big difference here.  When you acknowledge your fear of success as an uninvited guess, then you can ask yourself quality questions to expose the true nature of why your fear has arrived. And ultimately those answers will be the key to giving fear the boot.

Top Network Marketer, Cesar Rodriguez, has a question he ask of himself whenever he wants to banish fear. Whenever a fearful moment in his business would pop up like prospecting a big leader, he would tap into his higher self by asking the question, What would I do if I was 10 times bolder? I love this question and I use it myself to get over both personal and business hurdles. Once you ask your brain this question it immediately goes to work and sets off a path for you to get over your fear. And when you take those steps, you are walking in confidence.

So what would you do if you were 10x bolder? Would you make those phone calls anyway? Would you show the plan? Would you promote your next event? Taking the first steps to dismantling your fear of success doesn’t mean that you will be fearless. You may have pee running down your leg like my virtual mentor, Lisa Nichols, likes to say but you conquer fear when you step into your bold moments.

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