Do Incantations Really Work!

If you know anything about Tony Robbins, he is a big supporter of incantations. Robbins is a over the top, world renown, motivational speaker and his energy is contagious. YouTube has thousands of videos of him speaking with such high energy and its all because incantations. Incantations are phrases or sayings that are repeated aloud to get you to embody the words and to get energized by them. An incantation typically has you engaging your whole body and voice with words of personal influence. From the outside looking in, it can seem a little loony but incantations have become a powerful way for people to gain courage and confidence before a time of performance or action.

Why Affirmations Are Not Enough

If you follow Robbins teachings he is always telling his audience to change their physical state in order to receive the words they are hearing more effectively. Affirmations are a great way to get your mind focused on positive thinking to better your day or get you through a tough time. You are speaking your goals, ideas and concepts into existence but often that is not enough for change. True change comes when you physically make a change in your body. When you engage every cell in your body it gives off energy and that energy is lasting. That’s why people whom workout in the morning find themselves still beaming around 2pm. It’s because they have awakened their bodies and fueled it with a natural energy source.

Seeking Excellence

Like I previously stated incantations done aloud can seem like a weird thing but at the end of the day you are searching for the highest source of excellence within you to come out and allow you to perform your best TODAY. And if you are serious about that then the opinion of others won’t matter. Many top leaders and speakers use incantations in order to bring powerful messages to their audience. If it’s good enough for them it’s good enough for you. And just like them it will work for you too. Remember incantation’s is a personal dialogue with yourself to reach your highest potential NOW. Choose to bring transformational change into your life with up lifting and powerful words.

Here is how I do my incantations!


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  1. stevi sullivan Says:

    Love the energy of your article! And that is what incantations are all about. We have all used them for years without knowing it. Think back when you were younger and you were striving for something, perhaps even against the odds! And you fired yourself though with something a small as talking to your self, I can do I can do this! And a determination sets in that takes over and you push through what ever it is. Usually shocking your self! It is that pin point, that fine tuned energy that I recall that becomes a part of my incantations today. Thank you for reminding me of that!


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