David Wood Review: An “Evil Genius” or “Evil Scam Artist”?

Sun, Aug 29, 2010


If you have been online for the past 9 to 10 months you probably have come across information about David Wood. I came across one of his videos and found myself asking who is this guy making videos in Costa Rica? David’s tropical island hook got me and I knew I had to learn more about this regular looking guy! In my search I found out that David was a huge “big-wig” online and most importantly he just started online marketing back in summer of 2009. He was the number one producer in his primary company and number one in various affiliate marketing programs.

How David Wood reached his online status can be broken down into 6 methods:

1. Realize That You Are The Problem

In the beginning of David’s network marketing journey he joined the 97% club. This club holds all the network marketers who have quit the industry. If you speak to most network marketers we all have been in and out of this club. People quit this industry because of a lack of results. People blame the company or the products for their lack of success but after many failures in the industry David recognized that he was the common denominator in all his network marketing problems. Just like an addict must admit to himself that he is the problem, David did the same and in realizing that took his first steps toward success.

2. Get Professional Help

When you can’t beat them join them. I like to think that this was one of David’s mottos as he started out. At the end of the day he was building a business and it was bleeding badly. David decided to get help and turned to online marketing. With the internet being so vast he went in search for the best marketing system available. He came across MyLeadSystemPro (MLSP) and found massive success using this #1 online lead generation marketing system. MLSP is a funnel system that helps generates leads on auto-pilot all through attraction marketing. The system sets you a part and brands you as a leader in this industry. There is no need to take a marketing class or take a business course as a matter of fact David only had a high school diploma on his resume. MLSP breaks every aspect of online marketing down to an art form and gives you a step-by-step instruction guide on how to grow your business. David is now a part of the exclusive 3% Club and got his membership in record time.

3. Set-Up A Game Plan

Like most network marketers David was broke in starting his business. He took advantage of MLSPs powerful tools and resources. He had to pay and additional…..ZERO dollars to get his marketing campaigns up and running. The truth is David did not financially have to pay additional cost but he did put in a lot of sweat equity into his marketing niche. In his MLSP journey he spent his first 3 weeks preparing article marketing content. Like David, a person needs a blueprint on how success will be reached. He strategized on what kind of information the industry needed and how to solve their marketing problems. Two months after distributing all of his content online he quickly found most of his articles on the first page of Google. His article marketing techniques worked so well for him that 2 to 3 articles of his own would fight for first place on the page. David against David, in the network marketing world that’s a good fight!

4. Be Approachable

There no dress code for network marketers, no required mannerisms and no guideline on how to spot one. With David’s tall stature and big curly hair, he looks like a regular guy. He has a silent and reserved look to him but when he opens his mouth it can be deadly (in a good way). The value that he brings to the table are practical solutions that can be implemented immediately. With the help of MLSP he has created a posture and tone as a networker. David has hundreds of people searching through his content every day or like you, searching for more information about him in general. He has created a large list of followers. He has reached a level where he can sponsor at will meaning people are calling him daily to join his business. David proves that anyone who has the right mind-set to build their business can do it.

5. Be Adaptable

If you know anything about business change is bound to happen and sometimes that change completely comes from left field. Early this year David’s primary business, iLearning Global decided to dissolve their network marketing portion of the company. David and hundreds of networkers found themselves out of business. All income flow was halted and gone. Before David could even cross his arms and feel sorry for himself he sprung into action searching for a new business that not only would appeal and work for him but would work for his team. Can you image your primary company closing their doors today? What would you do? Be like David and just adapt to the new change!

6. Take People With You

True leadership can only be measured by who you help. David could have easily waved goodbye to his team and wished them luck in their network marketing journey but instead he took them all by the hand and offered them another company to join called Numis Network. When you build a list like David did your list trust you and will follow you in all you do. David’s situation is a prime example of why building a list is crucial because people never joined iLearning Global they joined David.

David Wood is a Genius alright but there is nothing evil about him. He carries himself as a humble networker and extends himself to anyone in need. David absolutely is NOT a scam artist. He holds nothing back during his trainings and reveals his secret strategies that have helped him move in the top producing positions in his company. David’s simplicity in explaining network marketing has helped fueled my passion for this industry. His mass appeal to the everyday network marketer is a real asset to the network marketing industry.

Now if you have any doubts that MLSP works, please read the article again! If you are new to network marketing or need a revival in your network marketing business then learn how to use the same system that helped David Wood become a online leader in 3 months. The system ABSOLUTELY WORKS! Learn more today and make your Freedom On Purpose!

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