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7 Ideas On How To Get Out Of A Funk Quickly

We’ve all been there. Each of us goes through a period in our lives of when life feels like one big suck-fest. Everything stinks and everything sucks. There are so many reasons why we get in funk.

Are You Willing To Get A ‘Black-Eye’ For Your Dreams!

Its time that you get into the ring of life and fight for what you want. Are you willing to fight for your dream, goals, and aspirations no matter the difficulties. Read the same poem that inspired me to "Put

Declare & Decree 2011 Is Your Year!

Tell the year what you want it to be!

Do Incantations Really Work!

Have you heard the word on the street. Incantations are helping business owner tap into excellence and success. This is how I do my incantations. Make up your own and see a transformational difference in your daily action steps.

How Positive Thinking Gives You POWER!

Whatever the mind expects, it finds! Learn how positive thinking is a key element in your business.