Hello, my name is Yvar Belotte and I am from Lehigh Acres, FL. I now currently reside in the Tampa Bay Area with my husband and beautiful daughter.

My story is short and sweet. After working with seniors for several years I decided to go to graduate school and get an MBA in 2007. At that time the economy was slowing down but I had no idea what 2008-2009 had in store. Everything collapsed and so did my dream of working in corporate America. I remember asking my professors whats going to happen with us when we graduate and none of them had an answer for me. I decided then that I wanted to be in control of my future and I now use my business skills to help others become successful.

I am a big music head and I love to listen to everything. I enjoy dinning out and hanging out with family and friends. My daughter is the joy of my life and she is 6 months old. My family is spread throughout Florida and when we get together its always a blast.

I like to consider myself an upbeat and positive person. I choose to surround myself with people who are encouraging and supportive.

I want to network with like minded people to share and build on great ideas!

Yvar Belotte

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  1. Aleya Helmy says:

    Hi Yvar,

    I like your “About” page very much.. Like you, I love music and I play piano and violin. But I am not as young as you are 🙂 I am a grandmother (63). Would love that you read my “About Me” page as well to know more about me..here:


    Hope you like it as much as I liked yours. You are so talented and I highly admire you! May God Bless You & Your lovely daughter.

    PS. Thanks for your comment on my Kim Roach article.



  2. Hi Yvar,
    I found you by reading one of my emails that had SWOM Friends. People I like messages. I was interested in the Traffic Dashboard and I might purchase it in a few weeks as I work at Walmart and don’t make a whole lot of bucks.
    Thanks for sharing! Your WordPress is good too and enjoyed looking at it. I too am working on a WordPress site/blog when I have the time :)The website I posted is on of mine about Gano Excel coffee and is not my WordPress site.

    Take care,

  3. Steve says:

    Great site Yvar. Love the theme!

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