7 Network Marketing Tips To Fail Proof Your Business.

Do you really understand what you have in your hands!

Your Network Marketing business is the vehicle to all your dreams and goals coming to true. Everything is in reach as long as you take massive action. Building a non-traditional business often can be confusing for people and they don’t truly understand how to build a successful business for themselves. The Network Marketing platform is all about connections and often people can’t get past being uncomfortable with doing the simple things. Often we complicate things by adding our own flare to the proven-system already in place. When we do that it’s just a toxic ingredient on our path to success.

Here are 7 Network Marketing Tips To Fail Proof Your Business.

Tip 1- Open Your Mouth

Unless you can walk around town with a sign on your back that says Open For Business then you must speak to people about your business. Some may say yes to it some may say no but you must open your mouth in order to get any kind of response. At a minimum each day you should be speaking to 30 people in order to reach your success goals.

Tip 2- Learn Marketing

No way to get around this tip. You must dive into marketing so you can learn effective ways to expose your business to the masses. Depending on your preference you can learn online marketing or offline marketing. But if you want to take your business to the next level you can do a combination of the two. Marketing the right way will get you lead generation for your business.

Tip 3- Be Bill Gates

You are operating a multimillion dollar business. So are you treating it like one?  Do you think Bill Gates turned Microsoft in the Billion dollars business that it is today because he worked on it in his spare time. No Sir! You must realize that you are the CEO of You, Inc. In order to cash in on your million dollar pay day you must respect and treat your business like a business. When you start to build your business with the highest work ethic you will see  transformational results.

Tip 4- Have Radical Faith

When I think of having radical faith I think of being unshaken even when I’m experiencing failure. You have to believe all your efforts will work for your good in the end. You must be faithful that if you continue to build your business your business will build your bank account and you can build your dream lifestyle. Even when the HATERS want to discourage your efforts you still march on in your business.network marketing tips

Tip 5- Think & Grow Rich

If you have not already read Napoleon Hills book Think & Grow Rich then you are missing out on some of the most transformational information on how to cast a vision for yourself. When you are in business you must have the end in mind. You will never reach your desired level of success if your vision is not crystal clear. Use a vision board to help you construct how you want your life to be in the next 2-5 years.

Tip 6- Enjoy The Ride

Its natural to want the quantum leap approach to success. But in most cases Network Marketing success comes through a process of daily habits. Its important that you enjoy each level that you are at in your business. Its all a journey and you can make that process more enjoyable if you slow down and watch the progression of your business. As you grow so does your business.

Tip 7- Increase Skill-Sets

What does a Doctor, a Lawyer, and a Pharmacist all have in common. They all invested in themselves to increase their skill set which makes them valuable in the market place. You must apply the same principles for yourself. Investing in training, attending seminars and events and hiring a coach or a mentor are what it takes to move to the next level.

The biggest cause for the massive failure rate inside Network Marketing is because people don’t truly know how to take action. People equate action with success. They don’t take action because they are not yet perfectly skilled in what their doing. That’s a flawed approach to doing business. Taking action consistently even when failing will do more for your business versus trying to perfect your skills before you apply them. You have to get “in the ring” for your business. Network Marketing Legend Big Al Schreiter says that training doesn’t work and he’s right. Giving out all the how-to’s is not enough. In order to get the success you know you can accomplish you must experience the industry for yourself. You must be comfortable with failing forward. Applying these 7 Network Marketing Tips alongside taking daily action will get you to the top of your success dreams and goals.

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3 Responses to “7 Network Marketing Tips To Fail Proof Your Business.”

  1. Steven Dean Says:

    Connecting with people is one of the true keys to success in your business. Whether it be through your writing, videos, forums, or whatever. The more you advertise yourself around other marketer’s then they will start to take notice and grow curious.

    I always try to have a positive faith in myself no matter what the outlook maybe. That’s all you can do. You will have your good days and your bad days. You just have to keep going. Easier said than done in the start of our careers but that’s the mindset we have to have.

    Probably having a sign on my back isn’t such a bad Idea Yvar, If there was one thing I got out of this post it was probably that. LOL. Just being goofy. Just Happy its the weekend. Have a good day. And thanks for sharing

    Steven Dean


  2. Yvar Belotte- Online Business Developer Says:

    Thanks Steven! Keep pushing your business forward and you WILL see results. Have a great weekend!


  3. Elle Billias Says:

    Self promotion is key, but in order to promote yourself you must be confident in yourself! That’s why personal development is such a big part of going in to business for yourself!

    Steven, I’ll be waiting for your video of you walking round with a sign on your back 😉 let us know how it goes 😛


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