7 Ideas On How To Get Out Of A Funk Quickly

how to get out of a funk

7 Ideas On How To Get Out Of A Funk Quickly

We’ve all been there. Each of us goes through a period in our lives of when life feels like one big suck-fest. Everything stinks and everything sucks. There are so many reasons why we get in funk. Anything from someone ticked you off the wrong way to no one is paying you any attention. Living life "off kitler" makes things harder. Your not fully present and essentially life starts to pass you by. This can drag for days which can turn into weeks. To get out of a funk quickly you must first recognize and admit that what your currently doing is not working and most likely your doing nothing.

get out of a funk

Albert Einstein has a very famous quote that says "We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them". Simply put you must get out of your head in order to see a glimmer of sunshine. This can be especially hard when you have been mentally searching on how to get out of a funk. Its been front and center in your mind for a while. So as you read this article your going to have to do some things differently. Leave behind the logical, analytical, left-side of your brain. Its actually not serving you properly right now. The new sheriff in town is your creative, action-oriented right-side of your brain.

Do It Any Way

If you are reading this article you get a lot of kudos. At least you are actively searching on how to get out of a funk so you can get back to your normal self. But at the same time your probably not in the mood to make any changes. And there inlines your mental civial war. Internal civial war causes confusion and a confused mind does nothing. Remember, thinking it through won’t help, you must make a decision to take action. Below are 7 ideas that can help snap you out of your funky mood.

1. Get An Attitude of Gratitude

Every significant thought leader today says that every situation can get better when you have gratitude. This may sound like "woo woo" stuff to you but this does work. Make a long list of everything you are grateful for. List big and small thing from the air that you breathe to the home you live in. This will put you back in perspective. Mostly likely you will see that things are not so bad. Looking at your list will make our heart smile and that’s a good start.

2. Tell The DJ To Turn It Up

Remember when you were a teenager and you would make mix-tapes for your friends and love interest at the time. You put all of your music jams on one tape. You are the mixmaster of your life. Create a uplifting, ready to party music playlist. Put your old school and new school favorites on it. Just compiling your favorite tunes will put you in a good mood.

3. Shake What Your Mama Gave Ya

Now that you have your playlist, its time to shake that rump. Call a few friends over for a listening party. Chances are your favorites are also their favorites. And when there is dancing there is singing. Break out some snacks and drinks and the night will turn into karaoke hour. Dancing and singing the funk away always feels good.

4. Do Talk To Strangers

Your mother taught you to never talk to strangers and for some reason that’s the one advice that stuck. When your trying to get out of a funk you need new conversations to replace the current ones going on in your head. As you move about in your day make a point to start up a conversation with 5 new people. Give the person a sincere compliment and see where it goes from there.

5. Go See Mother Nature

While your out and about enjoy Gods work. Find a nice park and take a nice stroll on a trail. Take deep breaths of the fresh air. If you have a furry friend take them with you. Let the sun warm your skin and let the wind give you messy hair. You will feel alive and connected with the great out doors.

6. Clean The Crib

Your home should be a safe haven for you, a place of inspiration and tranquility. If it’s not then it’s a stressor. Remove items from your home that doesn’t inspire you. You can’t stand your cousin Sally so take her picture down from your wall. Get rid of that ugly area rug. Make your bed. Clean your office desk. Give old unused items to your local thrift shop. If you really want to take it to the next level frame powerful affirmations and put those up on your wall. That will be the dagger in getting rid of your funk.

7. Kill Them With Kindness

Doing something kind for someone else forces you to stop thinking of yourself. Spontaneously help 2 people today. You can volunteer at a shelter, do charity work with your church or even just help your elderly neighbor take her groceries inside. This will bring you back to center and you will realize that when you feel good you can help more people.

how to get out of a funkWhen To Get The Pros Involved

If you have tried these ideas and others to no avail then you may have a chemical imbalance that needs the attention of a professional. One in 10 Americans suffer from depression of varying degrees. Your doctor can tell you what treatment may work best for you. Don’ take depression lightly. I cannot stress how important this matter is and how you must participate in your own treatment plan and recovery.

Having a mild case of funkiness happens to the best of us. Heck we are human and from time to time life can get us down. But there is one more bonus idea I want to give to you now. Find a mirror and look at yourself for 10 seconds. Then smile at yourself for 20 seconds (don’t think, just smile). Feel a little lighter? That’s your body flashing your mind the OK hand sign. Use these ideas to help you get out of a funk sooner and bounce back faster.



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  1. Angel Taylor Says:

    These are some really fantastic tips Yvar, and I completely agree with all of them. Especially the one about cleaning and getting rid of old stuff. There’s something about having my house clean and neat that puts me in a better mood!

    Thanks for sharing 🙂


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