7 Goal Setting Tips To Explode Your Online Business

Thu, Nov 18, 2010


There is a lot of planning that goes into building online business and in order to start seeing results you have to be laser focused on what your goals are.

Goals are attainable things that we want and they can be reached with a clear plan of action. Through my journey in network marketing I have found a few goal setting tips to be very useful in reaching my desired success goals.

1: Put Pen To Paper & Write It Down

The best way to turn a taught into a reality is to write it down. When you see those goals in plain form, your mind automatically sees it as a tangible goal. But a little more work needs to be done. Jotting down your new goals is not enough you need to be as descriptive as possible as to what you goal will be. If you want a new car describe what color it is, describe the make and model, and describe how you will use your new car. The more detailed you are the more you can visually see your goals which will allow you to keep your commitment to yourself to reach your goal. Make sure that you make your goals visible as well. Put pictures and images in your home or office that will let you see each day what you are working.

2: Use Your WHY To Succeed

Any successful business owner will tell you that motivation is something that you must muster up for yourself. When you have a bad day your going to need inner motivation to keep going and this is when you need a Powerful WHY! A WHY is a deep rooted goal that you keep in front of you to push through all the trails and troubles you go through during your journey. Don’t make this a surface level WHY like “ I want to buy a house.” Make it deeper then that, why do you want to buy a house. Is it because you never lived in a place that was your own or is it because its been your childhood dream to own a large home. Whatever the reason(s), it has to be so strong that it moves you emotionally. When you move the heart you move the mind.

3: Make Tomorrow TODAY

If you are like most people you take on each day with BIG ambitious goals. You tell yourself that your going to do all 30 task today and reward yourself with a treat later on. As your day goes long distractions come left and right and by 2pm you’ve only crossed off 3 things. Now your list seems impossible and you put it off until tomorrow. Sound like us all right! Well there is an easy way to make those BIG goals attainable TODAY. Each night before you go to bed take about 10-15 minutes to quickly rack you brain of what are the important goals that you need to accomplish for the following day. Weather big or small write it down but make sure it’s a realistic goal. In the morning revise it and start with the hardest thing first. You’re more likely to finish all your task if you leave the simple and easy stuff last.

4: Overcome Procrastination Everyday

Want to motivate yourself? Want to reduce distractions? Want to simplify your life? Then you need a success journal. A success journal holds you accountable for your goals and at the end of each day you simple record your efforts for the day (weather good or bad). Take your to-do list and use it as a guide for you success journal. Write down interesting facts with each task completed. Described what worked or not. As you record what you have done day after day you will start to see how far you are from reaching your goals. You’ll tweek different areas that need improvement and see patterns in the way you work. When you take that information and start applying it to your next success goals then you will have a proven strategy for yourself that works. Making this a daily habit for about 15 minutes a day will give you big rewards down the road.


5: Understand That You Only Have NOW

No matter how old you are you only can live life in the present. Tomorrow is gone and there is no time like the present to accomplish your goals. It’s one thing to put them off but it’s another to wait for the perfect sequence of events to take place before you take action on your goals. With that mindset you are leaving your life in the hands of others. Waiting for this person to get back to you or waiting for a mentor to come along are all common delays in reaching success goals. But you need to realize that you are in control of your NOW. Even if you don’t have all the means NOW to move full force into your goals, establish what do you have? What can you do today? Baby steps are better than excuses. Remember excuses will get you know where!

6: See The End

Would you agree that imagination is a powerful mental tool? As adults we lose the ability to imagine things because we rarely use that part of our brains. Well as you set your goals imagine yourself doing the task and completing them. Imagine the feeling of accomplishment. When you put those imagines in your mind, you’re telling yourself that it can be done. Doing a simple exercise like this helps you overcome some of your limiting beliefs that it’s too hard or its too much work or you’re never going to get it done. Your mind has already proven to you that you can do it and what needs to follow is the action steps to make it happen. Start training your mind to see the END.

7: Take Up The Challenge

Let’s play a game! How fast can you write a blog post? How long does it take you follow-up with 10 contacts? Everyone has different answers to these questions but often most of our task are not fun or glamorous. One way to break up your old boring routine is challenge yourself to a game of “personal best”. This is where you do a task or goal and you record how long it took you to do it. The next time you do the same thing you shoot for a faster time frame. This is just away to put a little excitement in to your work and you will be surprised at how fun it is. Try it out next time you are staring at the clock.

At the end of the day in order to get your goals accomplished you must take the Slight Edge approach. By doing little each day, day in and day out without fail is the fastest way to reach your success goals. Weather big or small keep plugging away at it each day! Since you’re doing the work you need to hold yourself accountable. Focus on the end results and that will keep you motivated to make all your dreams come true.

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