5 Tips To Get Income Producing Activities Back On Your To-Do List

Mon, Nov 1, 2010

Time Management

OK, its morning and you are ready to attack the new week. This week its going to be different, you commit to yourself. This week I’m going to double everything. More marketing, more leads, should equal more sales right!

Time management is something that every busy Network Marketer must deal with. Committing to all the task listed on your to-do list can be overwhelming. That’s why you need  a plan of action to succeed.

When you start your day the whole plan is to do some activity that can advance your business. Notice I stated some activity because in the Network Marketing industry there are endless  ways to build your business. The key to successfully crossing off your list is to only do focused activities.

Its Cool To Follow Rules

As it relates to your business the 80/19/1 Rule applies.You must be focusing 80% of your energy toward income producing activities (IPA). One of the best ways I can explain it is anything that has to do with another person is considered an IPA. That can be prospecting, recruiting, follow-up calls, conference calls, 3-way calls, etc. Then you move on to the 19% which has to do with personal development, training and busy work. You need to be feeding your mind everyday with great audio or books that will keep you in the success-driven mind frame. Most people find that doing this activity during subtle downtime like when you are standing in a long line or when you are driving can be the perfect time to squeeze it in to your day. Lastly you need some time for putting out fires and that’s 1% of your time. Typically this is where 80% of your time is spent and figuring out how to put a banner on your blog will not get you paid. Neither does helping someone else set-up a Facebook account. This is where a lot of focus will be needed to quickly resolve problems and delegate information if need be.

So now that you know where your priorities lie with your To-Do List now you have to implement some strategies that will allow you to cross off everything on your list.

There are 5 Tips that can help you to succeed with your To-Do List

1. Be Realistic

So many people are too ambitious about their to-do list. Often work from the previous day carries over and now you are doubling your workload. That just puts you in a cycle of putting things off. Don’t over do it. Don’t commit to doing 5 blog entries in one day when you only have 4 hours to do your business today. Be realistic with 4-6 manageable task.

2. Decide How Much Time You Have

Weather your a full-time or part-time marketer you need to break down your business hours. Life can easily get in the way if you are not prepared ahead of time. If you have 6 hours a day for your business apply the 80/19/1 Rule. And quickly see how you are going to work you business for the day (4.8hrs prospecting/1.14hrs training/0.06min on problems).

3. Do 80% 1st

In Network marketing 80% of your time should be dedicated to retailing and prospecting. Not everyone finds this a fun task and can be one of the most difficult things that you do for your business. That’s why its key to put it first on your list. When you do the hard stuff first it relieved the rest of your day. With no pressure to get it all done you can relax and focus on other enjoyable activities.

4. Always Have A Pen and Notepad Handy

Most Network marketers are very creative and when those creative juices start flowing it can take the workday on a serious detour. Have a pen or notepad near by to jot down ideas. You could also keep a notepad open on your computer. I also have found it help full to have a notepad accessible on my phone. You never know when your next great idea will strike so its always good to have some way of capturing it and fine tune it later.

5. Make it stick

There is no point to plan if you can not make it stick. What that means is by days end you need everything crossed off your list. Make this a habit. Add to the bottom of your to-do list complete to-do list. You will see that you will me more determined to complete everything. You may struggle with timing for a few days but after a while you will work smarter with doing your task and getting it all done.

Get Some Rhythm

It takes time to truly get into a rhythm with your business were you can almost work on auto-pilot. The first step in making things work is to plan your day to succeed. Don’t just randomly sway with the wind when running your multimillion dollar business. Bill Gates does not operate like that and nether should you. There are so many time management tools out there to help you succeed most of them are already available on your phone as an application.


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3 Responses to “5 Tips To Get Income Producing Activities Back On Your To-Do List”

  1. Nathan Says:

    Yvar, as always… this is right on point! There is such a difference between being busy and being PRODUCTIVE & you post today hits the nail on the head!

    I especially like the part about “making it stck”… my to-do-list has rolled over many times to the next day when I could have finished everything! = )

    Keep up the great content!



  2. brigitte charlon Says:

    Hi Yvar,
    great post here, I like the clarity and simplicity of it, easy to implement. This is a solid base that one can print and keep on side one’s computer to follow the DMO.
    Thank you!


  3. Robin Willliams Says:

    Yvar, you have offered up some great tips to help a person stay focused. It was good to learn about the 80/19/1….good breakdown of where our time should go. Thanks for sharing.



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