4 Internet Network Marketing Myths That Keep Your From Your Breakthrough

4 Internet Network Marketing Myths That Keep Your From Your Breakthrough

internet network marketingDoes it just seem s like no matter what course you buy or what webinar you get on or even what event you attend, you can never reach that critical breakthrough you so desperately need.

I feel ya compadre!!

I know the struggle is very real in the field. You invest long hours inside your business with little to no return. Well I want you to consider reexamining your beliefs about Internet Network Marketing success.  Chances are you have a mindset blockage. Could it be that you’ve bought into some of the biggest myths of the industry?

I want to help you shed light on these myths once and for all so you can understand them,  destroy them and move pass them.

 Internet Network Marketing Myths Exposed

Myth #1: I have to be a NLP, ninja sales genius

This one is a biggie and stops most dead in their tracks. Nope, you don’t have to be a sales genius but you do have to embrace sales and selling. If not you will repel money, period.  So what you need to focus on is being a professional with posture. Posture is all about understanding the value you bring and holding that position. Expect objections, (which are a good thing) and have prepared responses. No need to be defensive.  You have the goods and you have to show it to your prospects.

 Myth #2: I must have an outgoing personality

Are you guilty of thinking that this is true because all the top leaders have power personalities? Truth is top leaders are students of human behavior. Because products will change and technology will change but human behavior doesn’t change. All you need to understand is that in order to attract quality people to you and your business you just need to be a people person. You must want to help people understand their options and assist them in their decision making by way of sharing the value of your product, services or goods.

 Myth #3: I have to be a guru expert before people will listen to me

This is code for I don’t think I’m credible. Just like anything in life there are growing stages. When you first get started, common industry jargon might sound like Chinese to you. That’s normal. But what isn’t cool is to start comparing yourself to any leader or expert.  Expert simply means you are further down the trail then the person behind you. As you grow in knowledge and experience in your business, the more value you can offer. You will have something to offer in every stage of your Internet Network Marketing business. How you share that value is who will be attracted to work with you.

Myth #4: I have to be a technology geek?

Thank you Lord, this is not even close to being true. I love technology but understanding how it works, not so much. When I first got started building my blog I had to do it manually. Let’s just say I quit a time or two trying to move a picture to the left. Fast forward to present day and you can be up and running in your Internet Network Marketing business in lightning speed. If you’re like me I couldn’t even spell SEO or HTML in the beginning. Nowadays, there is big papa Google that can teach you anything or you can curl up to big mama Youtube if you want more visual hand holding. Are you picking up what I’m laying down. Technology? Non-issue.

Now Tell The Truth

How many of these myths you’ve told yourself at one time or another?  Chances are if you believe in any of these myths you also are dealing with internal limiting beliefs about yourself.  Beliefs are just thoughts you think over and over again. So in order to move past those limiting beliefs you need a new thought to replace the old one. I know it’s not easy but doing some internal work will move you closer to your desired breakthrough. Everyone comes in to business with preconceived ideas of what it really takes to succeed. But over time you will notice that although it’s hard, building an Internet Network Marketing business like a boss will totally be worth it.

Enjoyed this post, tell me about it. Let me know which myth you’ve been struggling with.

See ya in the comments 🙂

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17 Responses to “4 Internet Network Marketing Myths That Keep Your From Your Breakthrough”

  1. Carol Makowski Says:

    Excellent points here, Yvar. Not necessary to be “outgoing,” but necessary to help people understand their options. And, if you turn around and look behind you, you will always find people who know less than you do — who are newer. You can help them.
    Carol Makowski recently posted…Increase Your Leads On Instagram Part 5 of 5My Profile


  2. yemisi femi-pius Says:

    This post will help a lot of struggling network marketers out there. Thanks Yvar for sharing


  3. Loetta Paulsen Says:

    Great post and video. The secret of getting ahead is getting started. Then learn as you go. Give value and people will listen and be back for more. Loetta
    Loetta Paulsen recently posted…MLM Prospecting Secrets RevealedMy Profile


  4. Dr. Lisa Thompson Says:

    Great post!

    I’ve seen many introverts become financially free because they understood how to provide value to their market.

    Dr. Lisa


  5. Kenneth King Says:

    Great post. With all these success stories, its important for people to know that it doesn’t take a genius to see great success come out of network marketing. Anyone can do it with hard work of course. Thanks for sharing 🙂


  6. Rory Singh Says:

    Thanks for dispelling these Network Marketing Myths Yvar. I like the point that you mentioned about being YOU. Many people don’t take action because they think they have to be someone else. But in reality what they are perceiving as a ‘weakness’…(their personality), is actually their strength!
    Rory Singh recently posted…The ‘One’ Thing That Will Make ALL The Difference in the World For Your Online Business!My Profile


  7. Olivia Chance Says:

    Excellent post, Yvar! I believe this will help a lot of new and struggling marketers. Thanks for sharing!
    Olivia Chance recently posted…How to Organically Grow Your Instagram FollowingMy Profile


  8. Alex Bender Says:

    Great article.
    I think the biggest thing is to be persistant SOB…. sure that stuff that you outlined above will all help, but persistence will trump everything!
    Alex Bender recently posted…Are you being “A Little Bitch” in your business?My Profile


  9. Martin Andre Says:

    Great post Yvar, Long term for your business is a “must”!


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