3 Deadly Attraction Marketing Mistakes That Will Decrease Your Sales & Profits

Thu, Mar 15, 2012

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3 Deadly Attraction Marketing Mistakes That Will Decrease Your Sales & Profits

3 Deadly Attraction Marketing Mistakes That Will Decrease Your Sales & Profits

I think we can agree that there is a right way to do online marketing and there is a wrong way. Most of us are familiar with the wrong way because we have to deal with it each time we open our email inbox, look on our facebook walls or look at our twitter feed. But I’m sure you’ve heard some of the success stories as well. Stories of everyday people going from zero to hero are sprinkled within the attraction marketing community and are a source of inspiration for all of us. I know for myself hearing another success story is just more proof of what is possible.

Regardless of all the training resources available online about doing attraction marketing correctly many people are still making deadly mistakes in building their business. Lets examine 3 of them.

#1 Not Respecting The Attraction Marketing Business Model
The attraction marketing business model is a relationship based approach. What this means it more geared toward the prospect. But often newbie marketers seeking to make a quick profit bypass this concept when making contact with prospects. They pounce on them with “verbal diaheria”, expressing how they have the hottest thing since slice bread. Not cool! Blasting everyone you know with your link, also not cool! This business model requires that you follow a process in order to build lasting relationships for your network marketing business. When you follow the attraction marketing business model principles by plugging into a simple marketing system and leveraging social media you have a recipe for success.

#2 Lack of Consistency
Attraction marketing is not an overnight success formula. It’s a long term strategy of consistency that will give you benefits for years to come. And I know this is where I personally struggled. Building a network marketing business, working full-time, and taking care of a family left me a very unbalanced schedule. I had to find a better way to take care of my responsibilities and give my business the attention and respect it deserved and do it all in heels! What I have seen work for so many 6-Figure and 7-Figure income earners is building their businesses with the use of a calendar. I know its nothing fancy-smancy but it works. Your calendar is you plan of action. You can stay consistent when you have your profit producing activities ready to be marked for completion on your calendar. A full calendar means full income. Your business is non-existent without consistency.

#3 Hiding Behind Your Computer
Always be prospecting even when you are away from your computer. Attraction marketing is not just limited to the online world. By carrying yourself with posture and truly engaging with people you can magically attract the right types of prospects to you. I know this is the part where you might roll your eyes. Well, Yvar I just don’t see myself going up to total strangers and asking them if they want to buy my product. I am not asking you to do that, heck I don’t do that. What I am asking you to consider is taking one more extra step with each contact you make. Weather it’s the lady at the check out line or the person at the dry cleaners. Get curious about them. See how their day is going. People love to go on and on about themselves, let them. Then when you get the question, what is it that you do; you can share about your business. Often we over complicate this simple and natural way connecting.

Honesty Test
Did you find yourself making 1 or 2 of these mistakes or maybe not you, but “someone you know” (Wink-Wink!). Either way not correcting these deadly mistakes immediately is confirmation that you want to build a non-profit business. And I really don’t think that is the case. So get serious about building your attraction marketing business and become a professional so we can hear your success story very soon.

Yvar Belotte

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