Network Marketing Leads – 5 Ways To Up Level Your Lead Flow

Network Marketing Leads – 5 Ways To Up Level Your Lead Flow

All Network Marketing Leads are not created equal. But if you are newbie or struggling marketer you'll take one lead, some leads, any leads for that matter. Its pure "suckville" when you bust your butt to put out great content and you all you hear is….crickets.

We've all been there. I know for me those were some of the toughest days in my business because it made me wonder, "Is Anyone Out There?" I'm sure you've asked yourself this question a time or two in confusion of why people are not opting in to your list.

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Well, the answer is a bog fat YES of course but are you attracting the right types of leads to your business? Think about it.  Are your marketing efforts bring in quality leads that are truly interested in what you have to offer.

Low Hanging Fruit vs Bottom of The Barrel

I know what you're going to say, but Yvar I thought I was suppose to go after low hanging fruit. I completely agree with you. Low hanging fruit leads are those who just need a little nudge in your business direction in order to raise their interest more about your business. These Network Marketing Leads already know about what you do and how it can help them. They may be on the fence. So essentially you've been dripping on them, watering them with relationship building interaction and content. This could be done via email or phone call or even through your content.

But what most think is low hanging fruit is actually bottom of the barrel leads. These are leads that you have to do a lot of educating and convincing to even take you, your business or even your industry serious. For the home business industry this is especially hard . Its like taking a short-cut in your business that only leads to a dead end. There are not short-cuts in relationship building. As a Part-Time Marketer it makes no since to go this route.  We do not have time to " "cajole" someone to taking a look at our business. For the same amount of energy you could bring in quality leads that want to hear from you. Your pick!

Lead Flow Going Up!

Here is a breakdown of how to ensure you are up leveling your lead flow quality

1. Brand yourself not your company

Don't be afraid to be the face of your business. You are the chief evangelist and you can't do that by hiding behind your company product.

2. Be clear on your target market

Expose your business to everyone but only market to your target market. Use this profile tool below to help you get clear on who you should focus on in your marketing.

Download The Target Market Profile Tool to easily identify your ideal prospects!

3. Build a relationship via email

Connect with your leads regularly and offer great useful information that's going to allow them to get to know you better and to help them make gains in their business.

4. Get curious about others

Be genuinely interested in your leads. ask questions about them and what their current situation is. Really listen and take mental notes on where their pain points are.

5. Use the L.I.S.T formula

Listen, Implement Share Teach (L.I.S.T). Use your notes as a guide to create great content. Turn around and share with your audience what you just learned.

Press play on the video below as I explain these 5 key ways to increase your Network Marketing Leads.

Know Thy Self

The more you are connect to who you are and what you have to offer the better quality leads you will attract. Simply put you have to work harder on yourself then your business. During your personal development time you have to focus on the weak areas in your business and use your time to work on those specific areas. Uh oh, here comes the woo stuff….

NOPE!, I'm not here to lecture you young grasshopper but wanted to make sure you understand the power of your mind over your business. If your Network Marketing Lead flow is stuck in a rut and you are doing all the actions necessary it may be the 6inches between your ears. #JustSayin :)

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Blogging For Profit Training: 4 Ways To Monetize Your Blog

Blogging For Profit Training: 4 Ways To Monetize Your Blog

I hosted a free training all about how to Blog For Profit.

I break down some key concepts and ideas and share with a few twist on old ideas

In this video, here is what I share on Blogging For Profit.

  • Marketing Fundamentals
  • Blogging defined
  • Why Blogging
  • How to get started
  • Ways to monetize your blog
  • Simple mind shift you need

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Is Your Fear of Success Holding You Back In Your Home Business?

Is Your Fear of Success Holding You Back In Your Home Business?


Fear of Success…sounds like the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.

How can you be fearful and be successful at the same time.

This industry preaches that you can’t make excuses and make money at the same time. So naturally you can’t be a scaredy-pants and a top-gun at the same time, right?

Fear and success in the same sentence sounds like an oxymoron but many home business entrepreneurs struggle with facing their fear of success and you may be one of them. It may be because of how success was modeled to you growing up. It may be because you’ve been successful in the past and know first hand the complexities that comes with success. Or maybe you just didn’t get enough hugs from your parents as a youngster. Who knows? There’s no need to count the ways of why fear of success has shown up in your life. Right now is the time to tame that fear and get your mind back in to the right perspective.

Understanding Fear

Believe it or not fear is a massive protector. But this protector only speaks in negative terms. It only knows how to deflect pain.

Don’t call your cousin about the business, she might think you’re a weirdo.

What if he rejects me after I show him the plan?

You’ll look like a scammer if you promote your business on Facebook.

You barely have any results, no body is going to take you seriously.

This is the endless “crazy chatter” fear is fueled by. It likes to play it safe so when you are going after your big lofty goals and dreams, the crazy talk gets louder. How you override the fear voice is by taking action.

Feel The Fear Anyway…Seriously?

I think some people confuse the difference between “feeling fear” and “acknowledging fear”. When you feel the fear you are intensifying that emotional response. When you acknowledge the fear you are amplifying the source of the fear, like a radar detector. Big difference here.  When you acknowledge your fear of success as an uninvited guess, then you can ask yourself quality questions to expose the true nature of why your fear has arrived. And ultimately those answers will be the key to giving fear the boot.

Top Network Marketer, Cesar Rodriguez, has a question he ask of himself whenever he wants to banish fear. Whenever a fearful moment in his business would pop up like prospecting a big leader, he would tap into his higher self by asking the question, What would I do if I was 10 times bolder? I love this question and I use it myself to get over both personal and business hurdles. Once you ask your brain this question it immediately goes to work and sets off a path for you to get over your fear. And when you take those steps, you are walking in confidence.

So what would you do if you were 10x bolder? Would you make those phone calls anyway? Would you show the plan? Would you promote your next event? Taking the first steps to dismantling your fear of success doesn’t mean that you will be fearless. You may have pee running down your leg like my virtual mentor, Lisa Nichols, likes to say but you conquer fear when you step into your bold moments.

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Network Marketing Success: How To Find The “Who, What, & Where” In Your Home Business

Network Marketing Success:

How To Find The "Who, What, & Where" In Your Home Business

To build a strong , long lasting home business its needs to have the right blueprint. You need to have the right foundation, structure and roof to ensure Network Marketing Success. Its all about making sure you the core elements in your business down to a science.

The biggest part of that is your marketing. Nothing happens to your product, service or goods unless you get it out in the marketplace in a big way. So in order to do that you must have what I call the "Who, What & Where Trifecta" down in your home business. Its also called the 3 Ms of Marketing: Market, Message, & Medium.

But too many people struggle to achieve Network Marketing Success because they have disregarded this marketing principle. Have you found yourself frustrated with your results? Well it might be a direct result of your marketing. If you are not using the Trifecta correctly everything you do in your business will be sub-par.

At A Glance


Watch the video below as I go into more detail.

Keep It Simple

Remember that a good portion of the heavy lifting has already been done by your primary company.  Your company already has a demographic. But what you need to do is to see if you can sub-niche that market and go deeper with them. This is how you stand out. This is how you crush it. This is how you zig when everyone in your company zags. Once you have these marketing pillars in place your Network Marketing Success will skyrocket.

Enjoyed this blog post, please share with me what your "Who, What & Where Trifecta" is in your business.

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Internet Network Marketing: Does It All Boil Down To These 2 Words?

Internet Network Marketing: Does It All Boil Down To These 2 Words?

Are you over complicating this Internet Network Marketing stuff?

I know I sure was when i first got started. It took me a good serious minute before I finally understood how leaders stand out in the marketplace.

I mean, I like to think that I'm one sharp cookie but for the life of me I couldn't figure it out.

Maybe they are just great communicaters?

Maybe they are just have an out going personality?

Maybe they learned some ninja-jedi, backflip, sidekick, mind worp trick?

After months of getting on all the webinars I could possibly attend and listening to endless audios,

I finally got a breakthrough when I heard this powerful quote.

"Leaders don't do different things, they do things differently"-Shiv Khera

You see, leaders don't behave like the masses.

They don't harrass people just waiting in the shadows to shove a link up your mouse (You'll get it later!).

They're professionals  that use Internet Network Marketing to crush it in their business.

Watch the video below as I share with you what the leaders already about being unqiue in the marketplace.

Internet Network Marketing doesn't have to be so complicated. Everything boils down to understanding you value and share that with the world.

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Network Marketing Success: How To Get The Most Out Of Live Events

Network Marketing Success: 

How To Get The Most Out Of Live Events

I just recently came back from a company event and it was the I like attending events because it's a key to Network Marketing Success. Live events attract all types of people from all walks of life and backgrounds. People travel far and wide just to be in environment that celebrates them for being "the crazy ones" in their inner circle. There is a level of synergy that you can only get when you're surrounded by people who all want more out of life and understand the amazing platform this industry offers to get there. All top leaders in some way or fashion contribute live events to their success.

Waste Not

Don't be one of those guys who attends all the company live events and never does anything with the information. Here are 3 top tips to help you get the most out of live events for Network Marketing Success.

Tip #1 – Create an intention for the event. I know your excited to see your sponsor and team mates but at the heart of why you are at the event you want to get something out of it. The only way to go to an event and not leave the same is to set an intention for what you want. Your intention might be to finalize what marketing strategy you're going to use in your business. It might be to interview one of the leaders and leverage the content. Or it might be to confirm that you are in the right company at the right time and you're going "ALL IN"  in your business. No matter your intentions let it be your guiding source during the event for the change you are looking for.

Tip #2 – Grab as many success stories as you can get. One of my virtual mentors, Dani Johnson, teaches that you should always be collecting new stories as part of your arsenal for engaging prospecting. Every success story is up for grabs to be used in marketing, conversations and in closing calls. Make note of all the stories that blow your mind. Chances are they will do the same for your prospects and audience. Learning how to share success stories is a key skill to your Network Marketing Success.

Tip #3 – Turn your notes in to your content creation gold. At live events you have the "crème de la crème" pouring into you some of the best information out in the marketplace. Some of the information is "Just In Case Info" and some will be "Just In Time Info". So as you take notes mark which concepts, strategies or ideas you're going to take action on when you get back home. This is also a great way to ensure that you are giving your target audience top notch quality useful information. That makes you look like a trusted advisor in their eyes.

Breakthrough Central

Attending your company live events are designed to help you with increasing your belief. You may understand what's possible but as you get to witness those who reached new income levels and those who reach new rank levels, your mind is expanded even more. And this is why so many people get breakthroughs from live events. It becomes clear that those "winning" are no different from you they just have different thoughts that support their actions. In order to reach the level of Network marketing Success you must get to your next company event because your breakthrough depends on it.

Please leave me a comment and let me know what was the biggest Aha! Moment you ever had at a company event? See you below.

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MLM Tips: #1 Way To Gain Credibility With Your Prospects

mlm tips

MLM Tips: #1 Way To Gain Credibility With Your Prospects

In graduate school one of the things you have to get good at is rephrasing. You have to know how to take an original thought from an author or your professor and rephrase the same information in your own words.

So when I was in business school, this is something that I quickly realized I was good at. I always had high marks for my papers and presentations. I truly enjoyed coming up with a new way to see old information.

And that’s why I love business and marketing so much because it’s a chance for me to share point of view and insight to others searching for that information and giving it a twist.

MLM Tips: Perspective is everything

Because of my perspective on different industry topics, people find it easier to relate to me. That’s exactly what I want. My number one job is to reduce resistance with my prospect and to be seen as a trusted advisor.

How I do that is by making big complex concepts simple to understand. I usually can use an example, story, or reference point to help them connect the dots.

I’m giving them value-based information that they can use and in turn I look more credible.

View On YouTube

MLM Tips: Give Me Your Two Cents

Do you think Brad Pitt & Angela Jolie’s marriage will last?

What do you think of the state of the NFL right now?

Has the US done enough to address the ISIS crisis?

See! You do have an opinion and even after you’ve seen all the media outlets talk about these different topics, you still have your own view point, your own perspective.

So why are you MUM when it comes to your home based business?

Open up and tell me your thoughts!

What’s the best list building strategy you learned?

What do you think is the cause for the 97% failure rate in the industry?

Why is it important to you to build wealth through a home business?

I hope you are catching what I’m laying down.

The more you share your thoughts, opinions and perspectives the more people can relate to you.

That’s attraction marketing at its simplest form.

So now takes this MLM Tips and turn it into your own words.

Leave me a comment on your perspective of this blog post :)

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Network Marketing Success Secrets: 7 Power Principles Top Leaders Live By

Network Marketing Success Secrets:  

7 Power Principles Top Leaders Live By

the empower network

After a few years in the Network Marketing space I’ve noticed a trend in what makes the top leaders stand out. It’s not that they do things differently, it’s that they do different things. We’re going to dive into the top Network Marketing Success Secrets that are practiced the most.

  1. If It Is To Be Its Up To Me  – In business you learn that things can go bad quick. And people are also quick to point fingers. Leaders hold themselves accountable for their actions by taking full responsibility. Weather the situation was a total epic fail or a raging success with awesome-sauce on top, leaders understand that taking responsibility is the most empowering thing they can do. By taking ownership of their actions, they delete the victim mentality.
  2. Master Your Craft - All leaders start as students first. No one skips this step. They learned the basics and after tireless hours, they became masters at what they do. That might be master prospector, master closer, and/or salesman. Leaders understand that they can explode their business with a marketing focus in one area.  This Network Marketing Success secret allows them to become a marketplace hero to their target market and be seen as a problem solver.
  3. Pay The Cost To Be The Boss – Want to not only be the master of your craft but also your domain then there is a big price to pay. Leaders understand the price of success is hard but completely worth every step. The ability to have a level of freedom that simply allows for options means the world to leaders. That’s why day after day they “put-in-work” to make their business thrive.
  4. Have The End In Mind- Nothing can stop a person who has a vision. A vision will make you do what you don’t feel like doing. It will make you take the road less traveled. The only way to understand WHY you are doing your non-traditional business is to know where you are going. This is what makes difference when getting started. Leaders know that each day brings ups and downs but its because of their vision its worth going through.
  5. Write The Vision And Make It Plain – There are tons of studies out there that prove that those who write down their goals are more likely to achieve them. This Network Marketing Success secret is widely used by not only industry leaders but also top performers in other industries.  Mary Kay Ash founder of Mary Kay attributed her success to writing down her goals each day. Hand write your goals and keep them in front of you daily. Weather that’s your bathroom mirror or your screen saver on your phone, your mind will go to work if you keep your goals around you.
  6. Always Play To Win - Too many people in life play not to lose. Not only is that mentality not self-serving but it also is self-sabotaging. Top leaders understand that if they are going to play, winning is the main objective. And in playing the game there is a process, a journey that will make the game and ultimately the WIN that much sweeter. So they are in it for the long haul. Even if they are behind on the scoreboard, Leaders still give it their best with full intentions of winning. Stick and stay until you get your pay.
  7. Take Important Action - I’m sure you can agree that sometimes “taking action” is not the sexiest thing in your business. Implementing a new strategy or tactic, at times can be the hardest part in your success journey. But like Brain Tracey says, Eat That Frog! Do the hard thing first. As an entrepreneur you always have tons of pressing issues on your plate but what must always take precedence is whats important not whats urgent. It may seem like I miss-wrote but urgent matters are often subjective dealing with others. Typically what you don’t want to do or what you’ve delayed doing is what is important right now. And that’s what you should take action on right now.

I’m  A Business….Man!

We can all take a lesson from Music Mogual, Jay Z. Although he’s known for his lyrical smash hits but he is a fierce business man. One reason for that is that he knows that he himself is a business. And if you haven’t noticed it yet your Network Marketing leaders see themselves as a business. Once you realize that what makes you different in the marketplace is….YOU, then this makes for simple branding and positioning. Leaders make themselves more attractive because they know who they are and how they can help people.

It goes without saying that you should treat your business like a business and treat your engagement in your business like business. With big goals and visions you have no time for a hobbyist mentality. Apply these Network Marketing Success Secrets today and you will get powerful results.

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Network Marketing Secrets: 5 Sure-Fire Ways Stand Out From The Crowd

Network Marketing Secrets: 5 Sure-Fire Ways Stand Out From The Crowd

Network Marketing Secrets

Have you been looking high and low for the Network Marketing Secrets that will help you get on stage, holding that big over-sized check? I thought so! Weather you realize it or not Network Marketing requires you to be different in the marketplace. This is a people to people business and that’s the real secret. While others are spraying perfume in your face you are trying to make a genuine connection with your target market. You want to be in their face but in a good way. You’ve seen poor examples of how pushing your products or services leaves a bad taste in peoples mouth and they usually express that will colorful language. In order for you to be a Network Marketing ROCKSTAR, you have to stand out from the crowd.

Now the question remains how the heck do you showcase yourself as professional yet be personable. I’m going to break it down for you and expose my top 5 sure-fire ways to make a splash in your home business. 

5 Network Marketing Secrets

1. L.I.S.T Everything A sure-fire way stand out is to take a L.I.S.T approach in everything you do for your business. L.I.S.T. stands for Learn, Implement, Share, and Teach. As you consume information via trainings, products, events and webinars and teleseminars you need to funnel that information using L.I.S.T. Learn the key concepts, implement what you’ve learned, sharing your results with others and teach them how you got those results. BAM! This one Network Marketing Secret alone can give you star power.

(video network marketing strategies: How To Turn Training Into Content (L.I.S.T Method) keyword-110)

2. Simplify Your Marketing Strategy If you are like me you’re multi-passionate and like a little bit of everything. Well when it comes to marketing, a little bit of yourself here and there, means that you are unfocused. That also means your target audience has no clue you are talking with them which means no business partners or customers. Pick one marketing strategy that you are going to master. Is it Facebook, video marketing, blogging, article marketing, etc? Learn that strategy inside and out. From there build your marketing around this strategy. This way your audience will be clear how you can help them.  

3. Set Your Self On Fire Have you ever heard the saying high energy equals high income? Or, how about ignorance on fire is better then knowledge on ice? What about, set yourself on fire and people will come to watch you burn? What these catchy-cliché says means is that when you bring a different level of energy and excitement to your business you automatically start getting attention. An ultimately attention is all you are after. You need eyeballs on your business and if you must be enthusiastic about it. Think outside the box so you can some across as high energy versus just hyper. This will cause you to bold in your decision making and to crush your comfort zone.

4. Get Inside Their Head As you begin to share with your audience helpful and useful information be clear that you are communicating exactly what they want to hear. You should be one step ahead of their “head talk.” You need to get clear on what your audience is already talking about and what questions they are asking themselves. When you position your messaging, your prospect should feel like you’ve been stalking them. In a way that is true and its for their benefit of course. Us their language or slang to get your message across to them.

Freedom Tip: Find out what your prospect is talking about by figuring out where they hangout online. Is it Facebook groups, Google +,, Forums, LinkedIn, etc? Google your way to the answers.

5. Stay Consistent I know, I know, its easier said than done but its critical for your home business success. Just by showing up day after day and being of value to your target market, it will put you light years ahead as a marketer. This is a skill-set and the best way to build it is by being consistent in the small things and building up from there. Consistency is key to building trust with your audience. If they can count on you to share quality information on a regular basis, then they will be more inclined to take you up on offers to work with you directly.  Plus there something about being consistent that makes you more confident. Either way you can easily shine because while others are struggling in this area, you will be crushing it. You can easily zig when the you see other zag. This is one of the Network Marketing Secrets that is most over looked.

No Such Thing A Competition

One of my new virtual mentors, Grant Cardone, says that he doesn’t believe in competition. He stance is that your positioning in the marketplace must be that of getting the most attention on yourself and/or business. Once you get attention it will give you the opportunity to dominate your marketplace because you will be perceived as being “everywhere.” How this relates to you your Network Marketing Home Business, is that you must understand that although you promote the same products as other Reps in your company you must be different. You must make waves with your business in a non-traditional way.

How that looks like, is endless possibilities. That could mean doing specialized videos on the features and benefits of your products and services. That could also mean leveraging social media in unique way to get in front of your target market. Essentially you need to pour on the value so thick that your prospect feels they have to do business with you out sheer reciprocation.

These Network marketing secrets can change the scope of your business if only implement them. Its up to you to share all the information you are consuming so your target audience can see you as trusted advisor. Start by sharing these Network Marketing Secrets.

If you enjoyed this post please leave me a comment and share with me what Network market Secrets are staples are in your home business.


To Your Success On Purpose,

~ Yvar “Freedom Fighter” Belotte

P.S. A Confused Mind Does Nothing!

Schedule Your “Zero-Cost” Clarity Strategy Session TODAY!

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The Best Question To Ask Your MLM Prospects

The Best Question To Ask Your MLM Prospects

Connecting with MLM Prospects is all about intrigue. You have to get on their level somehow and show them that you can relate to their struggles. Around the beginning of the year people are in a whole new mindset.

They are purposefully wanting to go after change. Thats why people are a little more open to opportunity around the hoilday season. Weather its to start a new career from home or to start  paying off new debt, your MLM Prospects all have the same problem which is low cash flow. 


Meat & Potatoes of the Problem

I’m a very straight to the point kind of person and so are most people. When connecting with your prospect weather online or off, give them a simple “one-liner” that shows them you want to help solve their problems.

I was on Facebook recently and I saw a post by one of my Mentors, that shared exactly how she does that. Check out the video below on this killer question for your MLM Prospects.

What Do You Want Paid Off This Year?

Simple right!

This question is a personal one. Your prospect has to get real with you and get real with themselves.

Don’t be surprised if there is an awkward silence. Don’t be tempted to talk first. Let the silence soak in and waite for their response.

Once you get their answer, ask them if they have a plan to pay it off this year?

They most likely will say, No! That’s where you share your business, in a professional non-pitchy way.

Now is not the time to go all “cut-throat” on your MLM Prospects.

Keep it cool and calm and walk them through your system of exposing people to the business (video, conference call, meeting, etc.)

Keep this question in mind for you MLM Prospects weather online or offline.

Please share with me if you have found this post helpful.

Do you have a classic MLM question you usually share with Prospects?

Do Tell!


empower network

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